21 January 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 - 8 comments

Feeling Much Love....

WOW!! Thank you! Thank You ladies!!! I am so blessed with such great bloggy friends to bestow me with a FAB award!

I was first awarded this from Lea at Oh My #6! Lea is such a treasure to me. Not only have we become friends though our blogs, but we also tend to share an exchange via the post. Lea encourages me to be me and share what I believe in. Thank you Lea for your friendship and encouragement.

I was also awarded this fun award by Kimberley at The Seventh Diamond To read Kimberleys blog is to read a breath of fresh air, a place to seek inspiration and guidance. I love when I wake up early enough on a Saturday morn to jump in the Chat Group, Kimberley is always the first to say hi and check in to see how you are doing. Thank you Kimberley for always keeping us inspired out here in the adoption world.

Now here are the rules for this award:

1. Pass it on to 5 fabulous blogs, including the one that gave it to you (and link them).

2. List 5 of your fabulous addictions.....

Sooooo here we go on my 5 fabulously favorite blogs on top of the ones who gave me this award....

1. Melissa at Lost in Literature who is not only my sister-in-law, but she is also a friend and the one who provides me most of the books I read. Her book reviews are FABULOUS and her way with words is amazing!

2. Catherine at Catherine's Chatter - Waiting for Hannah! Catherine is a rock of faith and positiveness in this wait for her daughter. She is also a fellow Marching Panda and I can't wait to see her holding her Hannah someday soon. Her blog was one of the first I found when I started our blog.

3. Kris at Tell Her This is a huge light in the wait. Kris shares her life with us through incredible faith and beautiful words.

4. Jody at Our Forever Journey of Adoption not only has great tips for all kinds of great stuff from keeping our minds sharp to telling you it's okay to get a cupcake if you have a bad day. Jody has great posts and is a great mom raising a child with autism.

5. Linda from Why Do These Kids Keep Calling Me Mom? is a great writer of the life of three kids and the trials, traumas and triumphs of being a mom. I have so loved following her blog and seeing the changes that they have gone through in the past few years. An inspiration of a family.

AND now for my addictions!

1. Coffee
2. Insulin
3. Music
4. Camping
5. Books


Thank you so much for this wonderful award!!! I am so honored. WOW!!! It just made my day... You are such a dear to think of me! Give those adorable pups a big hug and kiss from me!

I keep on praying that the rumor mill is not true and that we have more that 2 days of referrals!


You are amazing and very deserving of this award. Thank you for all you have done for me. I am so very grateful.

Thanks so much Kayce, this was incredibly kind of you :O) You are truly an inspiration to ME!

AHHH Shucks I'm blushing!!! Thank you.

Well deserved, always wonderful dropping in on you for a visit. ;)

You are so sweet. great post my friend.


Congratulations! You were nominated for this award by two of the most special ladies that I have met while on this journey to our daughter. Kimberley and Lea are just incredible and if they thought this about you , you must be pretty special too. I can't wait to start reading about you and your family.

Love and blessings, Kristy