04 November 2008

Tuesday, November 04, 2008 - 10 comments

Keeping my fingers busy

Thank you all for your kind words regarding Mikes grandmother. All of us have enjoyed the last few days of remembrance and reflection, going through pictures and sharing wonderful memories. While her loss is great, she has left us with inspiration and the sound of her laughter ringing in our ears. Thank you again for your thoughts, it means so much.

As I mentioned before I got a new stove....

And since it was installed by my wonderful husband last Saturday, I've been doing nothing but baking. This is the first stove I've had that is gas and also has a convection oven, oooooooo mmmmy! Here's a peak at what I've been busy baking and my testers have had no complaints, so warm up your oven and enjoy.

Saturday night we enjoyed a baked tortellini, that we are all still eating for leftovers. I was so excited to cook when the gas finally came on I couldn't stop. I had no idea how much I was jonzing. It had been almost 2 weeks with no oven.

This German Apple Pancake was made for breakfast on Sunday. It was really good and a fun alternative to my usual Dutch Baby that I've made since I was a kid, thanks to my dad!

I made the ever popular Chocolate Chip Cookies,

tried and true as my husband says. For my ccc's I add a bit of cinnamon to the batter, YUM!

One of my co-workers celebrated her birthday over the weekend so I made a JUMBO batch of brownies for all.

Another thing I do for brownines is add some butterscotch and swirl it in just before baking them. People always ask, "what's in theses??". YUM!

Today I've got Zucchini Bread baking for a nutritious quick breakfast and again I add to it some flaxseed to make it a bit more healthy. I always add cream cheese to a toasted slice and a good cup of coffee.

I also will get to do the turkey this year for Tday! My first. My father-in-law has always done the turkey, but this year they will be with my MIL's family, so I get to bust out the first turkey from my oven. So exicited!!

Thanks for letting babble about baking....


Hey friend! Take my word for it and let your father-in-law continue! I always find it a huge, giant job!


I love your stove! Nice! :)

Thanks for the insider baking tips! I will try these out!

Awesome oven! Enjoy your baking!

Love the new bling in your kitchen!!

You have been on a baking frenzy....thanks for your little tips...I am going to try the cinnamon in the ccc's....that sounds great!!

Good luck with the bird....this is the first year I will not be cooking:( I have some good, but different thanksgiving recipes...I hope to share some of my favs this month!

Love the new stove..
You have been a baking fool..
Love the goodies..
Have a great week..

You've been a baking goddess!! Those cookies and brownies look amazing. I, too, am going to try the cinnamon in the ccc. I love that idea. I put cinnamon in my banana bread ~ yum!

Your stove looks marvelous!

Can't wait to hear about the turkey. I did that a couple of years. It's fun, but nerve-wracking. :o)

uhm, yeah, hi. can i come over? cuz now i'm really, really hungry.

So sorry to read about hubby's grandmother - may she rest in peace.
New stove is fantastic!

....beautiful! Now I better get mine cleaned up!

You oven is gorgeous!