12 November 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 - 12 comments

Got nothing

Haven't been able to post too much lately,(sorry Dad) but I've got nothing to blog about that is full of substance. Except that I'm busy. Argh! I hate telling people I'm busy, it's an excuse that gets old sometimes, but the truth of the matter is that I am busy. So to fulfill your wonderment this is what's been going on...

The trunk show I did on Saturday was a huge success. HUGE! I got another show out of it which will be this Saturday at a beautiful "showcase" ocean front home. The event is a fundraiser for a private school here in SC and will hopefully get me into some more places. I'm supper psyched for the opportunity and the contacts I'll be making along with the great views to enjoy. Besides that show, I also was asked to do a home show in the next month. YEA! If you're wondering what the heck I'm selling, you can check me out here. If you haven't already gotten a copy of Motherbridge of Love, you can get that GREAT book from me. HINT HINT! :)

This last weekend we were treated with a much needed long weekend, 4 days off! We just hung out, had dinner with my parents and brother, read (I finished She's Come Undone - great book.), watched movies (and I don't recommend The Bone Collector after 3pm), and mostly just enjoyed life. I unfortunately had a migraine on Sunday and was down for the count most of the day, but by Monday I was back up and running. The coming weekend we are expceting a heat wave...80's to 90's...I'm a little sad, I'm truthfully ready for some major rain and cold oh and a camping trip.

The last few weeks Jacob has been working on his science project...a Newton Roller Coaster. Oh man this thing is cool! Both Mike and Jake's dad have been helping him on it and it is awesome, it's due on Friday so I'm sure I'll have some great pictures of it for you soon. This quarter is full of some major projects and a crap load of stress, but with a month off for the holidays the teachers gotta get in as much as they can before the kids brains shut down. On top of the coaster, we've got a six page (typed) report on an event from the beginning of America and my son picked the Boston Mass@cre and the Boston Tea Party. Our homework and extra weekend time is busy.

So beside all that I've got not much else too positive to blog about. This last batch of referrals threw me for a loop, it also didn't help that I went over to that one site, you all know the one.....RQ. I hadn't been there in a LONG time and I just knew I shouldn't have even typed in the addy, but I did. So to cheer me up, I bought these at the trunk show....AND I only paid $15 and they are brand new!! Oh yeah it was hard to choose which ones I wanted, but I the know the local Keen sales guy and he said I can come by anytime when I'm needing more to cheer me up. He has these too....omy. I think that my thinning red thread will be tightened if I do some shoe shopping.


Wow…. you have got beautiful shoes, love both the pairs.

I love the shoes....they would certainly cheer me up!!

Jacob's project sounds very cool....take pictures when you are finished!!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week:)


I know what you mean by "got nothing"! I am the same.

These set of referrals have sent me for a bit of a loop too! WTF?! That is all I can say!


Love the shoes!

Hang in there...sounds busy but good.

Keep smilin!

Those shoes are adorable! Glad you're keeping busy. That's the best distraction.

Cute shoes!!!

You DO sounds busy. I can't wait to see pictures of Jacob's project. That sounds amazing!

80's and 90's - wow! I'm jealous!

Dang, those shoes are cute!

Sounds like your book business is doing much better than mine. I'm just holding on for the next textbook buying season in January and buying up as much stock as I can find.

LOVE those shoes...
Can't wait to see the finished project..
Hugs girly.
Have a Great Weekend..

Those shoes are darling! I really like the flowered ones!

You ARE a busy one.

Love the shoe shoppy. Now, we just need some cute feet for those kicks!

LOVE Motherbridge too...have a couple of copies.

Hmmm...you'll have to show off the rollercoaster.

Enjoy, mama.

I've been feeling the same way about blogging lately. I've got nothin'

Can't wait ti see the rollercoaster. Sounds cool!

I am loving those shoes. So cute.

I refuse to go to RQ. I just can't do it.

I'm coming up your way at Thanksgiving. Are you gonna be in town? Would love to see you again.

Shoe shopping is a cure all, and those shoes are adorable!!