14 November 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008 - 9 comments


Recently as you know already, Jacob had started taking the bus home and I walk to the top of the street to meet him. This is great for me and the dogs since it gets us out of the house and doing some good uphill exercise. Well recently I decided to add some time to our walk and just go wonder up past the freeway into some uncharted territory for me.

I think I found heaven! Besides beautiful homes to admire, the views of the bay are incredible and the nature all around is simply beautiful. Yesterday I had to stop and watch a mama deer and her babies while they ate in a field, all the while mama was keeping a close eye on me and the girls. Last week I watched several hawks flying around and sharing some unknown song. Listening to them made me wonder if their chatter is anything like whale songs. They seemed so content floating in the air current and singing away. Today the squirrels were running to and fro gathering something from a field of eucalyptus trees. I'm sure they were stocking up for winter, which seems will never come here, but they were busy gathering, running and swishing their tails.

Walking in this area is a lifetime away from home, yet just a wee bit over a mile away. I have a hard time remembering that I have a deadline and have to meet J at the bus stop, he's had to call me several times and tell me to stop staring at the hawks flying above my head and meet him at the stop sign. HEHE he knows me too well. He has also gone on this walk with me and has loved seeing what lies beyond our road and the tree houses that the homes have tucked in the trees on their properties. I look forward to the day I'm pushing a stroller up there and stopping to show baby Jenny all the great things to see in her neighborhood. Ahhhhh dreaming.

If you haven't already today, may I make a suggestion and tell you to go for an extra long walk through your neighborhood and find something you didn't know existed before. Enjoy the day!! OH and have a great weekend too!


Sounds like a beautiful and peaceful walk!!

We are seeing lots of deer around here too....they come through our backyard at dusk!!

One day soon you will be taking those walks with Jenny.....keep the faith!!

Have a great weekend!


Sounds fantasitc. Nothing better than a long walk, while enjoying nature!

Sounds like you live pretty close to paradise! Look forward one day to reading about what your baby girl thinks of it all!

That sounds fantastic! Today it is gray and ugly here, we're supposed to get rain mixed with snow...but I'll bet there's a little magic out there in nature waiting for us to find it.
I just wanted you to know that I moved some of Sophia's things around and your little bib is waiting for her in her top drawer :)

I just read Kim's comment and I too looked at my cute bib this week.

Love you to you my friend!


PS. I do love walking in my hood! Also, sometime I like to do it after dark so I can see inside! I am terrible!

How awesome! ya know, that is how we found the house we are living in now! I went for a drive just north of where we were living to look around, went around a mountain and there was this brand new housing development I had no idea existed!

Enjoy exploring your new territory! :)

Ever since I have started taking photos I have become like this... someone could see a tree but I seem to see what is in the tree... bugs, snakes you name it...
Oh... you are going to have to send me your address... don't worry... if you send it via the blog... I won't publish it...
Take care

Sorry about the delay in visiting... I have been super busy with work etc...

Were just seeing snowmen right now, brrrrr....
I hope the wildfires are no where near you, thought of you when we were watching the news!

Sounds like a great walk. Wish the weather was up to walking here.