07 November 2008

Friday, November 07, 2008 - 11 comments

I can see clearly now...wait no I can't!

Yesterday I got a text from a friend asking me if I was feeling better and I sat there wondering what she was talking about. Immediately I called her and said "what the heck are you talking about?" She asked if it was really me and I said yes and I feel fine and that I've been feeling fine all week after which she said she misunderstood me earlier then. OKAY....

So as I'm lying in bed last night I remembered on Monday I had a bad sore throat and had come home and took a nap after work. That was Monday, and since then I have completely forgotten what I did yesterday let alone Monday. It feels like that was last week. Mike and I were cracking up at how I completely forgot. It seems to me as though my two jobs has taken on a life and weeks of their own. Come Wednesday when I work half day at school and clean a house the other half, it seems as though a new week has begun for me and I completely think that another week has started. By Friday I've worked three days at school and cleaned 4 to 5 houses since the week started. Seriously folks. I think I'm loosing my mind! LOL!

To add to my week, I've got a gift bazaar that I'm selling at this Saturday from 10-4 and have not even prepared for it. Holy cow! It is nice not really paying attention to the time passing since it has kept me UNFOCUSED from our adoption wait. Speaking of adoption....A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE WHO SAW THEIR CHILDS FACE FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! As always I love to see all those faces and now I am beginning to see the sweet faces of babies from bloggers who I have followed for 3+ years...check out sweet Lauren. Congratulations Donna and Joe! Here is also news from our agency on this batch, our next batch of LID's is 3/2/06.....COME ON MARCH!!

Children’s Hope International is proud to announce the arrival of 8 referrals for our 02/17/06 LID families. All of the referrals were beautiful little girls from the Jiangxi Province that ranged in age from 8 to 13 months, with one referral being 3 years, 5 months old. The referrals also included one set of twins. The family that received the 3 year old requested 0-18 months though the referral fell with the CCAA age guidelines. These families waited 33 long months from log in date to referral. We expect these families to travel in about 8 weeks.

Congratulations to these families and all our China families who have moved up in line! Children’s Hope International’s next log in date is 03/02/06.

Inch by inch we are getting closer. For now I will continue to "Keep The Faith" and submerge myself in all things good. The weather this weekend is expected to be beautiful and the houses I'm cleaning today have ocean views for miles. Nice! Happy Friday to all and have a fab weekend!


Good attitude!! You will be there sooner then you think.

hey friend,

thank you for this:

"Inch by inch we are getting closer. For now I will continue to "Keep The Faith" and submerge myself in all things good".

this helps me!

Love you lots!


It won't be long now!!

It is amazing how fast the time does go when you try to keep your mind occupied with things other than the adoption!!

Great attitude Kayce....."keep the faith" is right!!!

You have good great blog here. You are getting close, just keep positive.

I tell you, I'm having a rough week with the wait. I feel like we are nowhere again, but I'll keep hanging in there, what else can we do?

Being busy can be a good thing!! Keep doing what you're doing and the time will fly.

Man, I'm nervous about the next few months, but hanging in there none the less! Glad I have friends like you by my side!

Your positive nature always helps put things back in perspective for me.

Keep hanging in there, its going to happen. Soon it will be you with the refferal!!! Can't wait for that!!!!

Hi ! Yes, inch by inch. Or maybe it is by 1/16th of an inch!!!

Slow boat to China. We are hanging on though by our red thread.

How are your Pups? Molly is really kinda talkative and she is also a trash digger! Always love to chase the tennis ball.


You are next for your agency... whoo hoo!!!

Yay March! Keep plugging away and it will be here before you know it Kayce.

And I love that I'm not alone in the "losing it" department.