25 November 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 - 14 comments

Amp Overload!

Our living room has turned into a jam session! I swear, what happened to old fashioned "Pong"? Guit@r Hero is now a nightly event in our home and watching it is more fun than a good episode of Happy Days! These boys can rock!! Of course with me being the music loving mama, I have no problem with the tv up super loud and the sounds of my guys having fun!

This guy in the shot reminds me of my Uncle Jim. Love you Uncle Jimmy!!!!! :)

Pretty soon I'm sure we'll have the rock band thing going on and we'll all be jamming, me singing of course (HAHAHAHA)!


Too funny! We have the constant concerts in our house too. We have Legends of Rock and Aerosmith.

I am really going to have to try that some day! Everyone seems to love it!!! Sure looks like FUN at your house!!

You'll have to add videotape when you join the band as lead singer. :o)

thank you, thank you, for the beautiful treat in my mailbox yesterday. I will cherish this one also.


Looks like so much fun!!
I would be the lead singer too,sadly I can't carry a tune even if handles, LOL..

Our family room looks very similar!! I cannot do that thing....I get totally dizzy watching the colored dots on the screen!!

Sarah has now started to pick up the guitar...she can't play, but she does look cute with that guitar!

You gotta love Guitar Hero. When my boys first got it I thought it was a lot of fun, but after a while it had to be moved out of the living room and into their playroom. If I had to hear Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" one more time I was going to hurt somebody!!! I guess I'm not as cool as you...ha ha

I was thinking of getting that for Joe for Christmas. He plays the electric guitar and I thought he might enjoy the game too. We have a Wii and I think they make it for that, right?

Have fun in B.S.! We aren't leaving until Thursday morning(at the a** crack of dawn).

Can't wait to see you at Disneyland after Christmas! The Christmas stuff is up until January 4th, so you'll for sure get to see them in full holiday mode. Woo hoo!

I keep hearing about this game and am going to have to try it out sometime!! Looks (and sounds) like lot's of fun!! ;)

We will have this come Christmas..
The kids LOVE playing this..
Have a Great Thanksgiving..

OMGosh! We have the same thing over here except Dad is right in the middle of it!

I suck at that game. Give me Wii Sport anyday.

That is so funny!! Everyone is into the guitar hero now days-- the kids and adults love it. I tried it a few times and i suck majorly but for some reason teh kids get it well. Cute pics-- love the hubby playing it as well-- too cute!!

Love tons,

Christy :)

It's harder than it looks, isn't it?!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that game. My son had to ground me from playing it. Now I just play it when he is at school.