05 September 2008

Friday, September 05, 2008 - 12 comments

Change in plan

Last night was back to school night for us, a fun night to "run" to classes, meet teachers and see friends. Last nights evening was no exception, it was a good time. There was just one hiccup....Jacob got a complete schedule change yesterday afternoon. Almost 200 kids got new schedules yesterday due to severe over crowding, classes were at 38-47 kids. Ouch. But now we've got a new schedule with a new plan. A more positive plan with success in mind.

So off we went with new schedule in hand to classes that Jacob had only been in once and we started school over 3 weeks ago. His new classes are just what he needs and he and us included couldn't be happier. For two of his classes he was hand chosen because of his drive. While the classes are targeted towards children who scored below basic on state testing, he is at the top of his classes, YEAH!! He said how happy he was to be back in classes that had about 22 kids in them instead of 35, a much more focus group. We also learned last night that he rose 60+ points on his state tests last year, one of the largest jumps in the school. Proud mama smile inserted here.

Of course no school year could go without the teacher that is past her/his prime and he's got one. She is will be a challenge him to say the least. She is new at the school and has taught high school before, this is her first time with the "little ones" as she put it. Hopefully she will soften up, yet keep her strong arm to prepare them for high school instead of scare the crap out of them.

One of Jacob's favorite classes is Library Aide, and this was not taken from him thank God! He is one of two library aides so last night it was just us in the library with the librarian. We learned so much about our son. WOW! She said he was such a hard worker, always asking for things to do and how things work, he is polite and curtious to everyone including adults and a true pleasure to have around. Hearing things like this make the hard work of raising a son worth the extra mile I take. So worth it. Insert crazy proud mama grin again.

All in all, the night was a success. A huge success. And of course it's so nice to be reminded of just how great a job you're doing raising your child. Now I have to remember all this when I get teenage flack thrown at me, which is happening more and more everyday. Oh BOY!


Way to go Jacob!!

He is certainly off to a great start this year...you must be one proud Mama!

WOW...I was shocked to see how crowded the classes were...so great that they got that under control...22 is a much better environment for both the students and the teacher!

Tell him to keep up the good work!

Enjoy your weekend...TGIF!


Great job Jacob & his mom! I am glad his classes are now smaller.

You really have raised a great son... insert proud permanent momma smile here. You can just see the love and goodness ooooozing from that picture.

Ah and the pup... so cute!

Good stuff! Even I am smiling at your list good things going on!

Keep smilin!

Way to go Jacob and Proud Mama!

I can't believe anyone could seriously think about putting any kids in classe that size! That is a total disgrace. Makes me realise the grass is not always greener! Thank goodness you got a change - maybe the size is still not ideal, but it is a lot better.

Congrats Jacob, your off to a great year!!
Glad the schedule was changed for the better, glad he was able to keep Library Aide, awesome.

Sounds like he's off to a great start!

What a great way to start the year!

Have a good weekend my friend!


It is so great your son is a hard worker... most kids now days seem to be stuck in front of computers etc (haha... as we sit here typing)... I think he will go a long way with the teachers... take care

Alright Jacob! Way to go!

So glad the night turned out well. Don't envy you on the whole teenage thing but am not far behind myself. :)

But it sounds like Jacob is a great young man with LOTS of smarts, potential and drive.

Way to go Jacob....Kayce you look smokin hot in this picture!!!