24 August 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008 - 7 comments

Good Times!

Spending time with the ones who love you, especially family, is so wonderful. We got to see my great uncle and his wife who are visiting from Minnesota, and let me tell you, there are some good people still left in this world and they are some of them! WOW!! Nancy and Mark it was great spending time with you both and we will be taking you up on your invitation! :) We also got to spend a night with my fav of fav uncles, Uncle Tommy! Again, SO wonderful to be with good people and family.

Then to add to our good times, we spent the afternoon into the night at the minor league ball park cheering on the San Jose Giants, they are the minors for our San Francisco Giants. Talk about good times, if you've got a local minor league team in your area, go to the park and have a good time. We went with our church and enjoyed time spent with good people, once again. It was a great time for the kids with lots of activities for little ones and tons of on field antics to participate in. Serious fun folks at a CHEEP price!

With the weekend winding down tomorrow, we've got more fun in store and of course the week to get ready for including a new book on Monday to highlight! We also plan on sitting down tomorrow night and celebrating the end of the Olympics. What a fantastic 2 weeks it's been watching all the events, a truly great Olympics!!


I love family. Glad you had a good time

It's great being able to get together with family. Glad you enjoyed your time together.

Family is great....
Loved watching the Olympics here too...
Have a Great Sunday..

What a great weekend, glad you spent it with wonderful family....

There is nothing better than good family time... :O)

Family is the best....we just had a family filled weekend too!


Sounds like an awesome weekend.