22 August 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008 - 14 comments

First Day Bliss

What a great day! I'm so on a cloud right now it's not even funny! HA! LOVE my job. L.O.V.E! Yeah yeah I know it's my first day, but you know what? I am doing something that I've wanted for so long and I know the love will last.

It was so great to be back in a school environment listening to the chatter of kids, the buzz of adolescence, and working (instead of volunteering this time!) with kids. Funny thing though, all these kids are big TEENAGERS!! Last time I did any kind of work was at the elementary level two years ago when I was volunteering my butt off. Now all those kids aren't tiny anymore, they're big. But it's still so great to be back with all of them, pimples, attitudes, and all, I'll take!

My co-workers are fab. We're all there for the same reason...no nonsense, health benefits, and kids. I was invited to my first staff party for tonight, but had to decline unfortunately due to previous made plans. But, I've already been given the invite for the holiday party. COOL! I have my own desk to decorate up, a desk of which my son is already telling people, "hey that's my mom's desk!". I get to make my own schedule and am not really "watched over", as long as I get my work done, I'm golden. There's already talk of trying to find the 12 more hours I need to get full benefits for me and the family. So now I'm really praying hard to make that happen and that no budget cuts happen. I'm on my feet the entire time I'm there, so I'm pretty exhausted tonight, especially since I cleaned a house before I started at the school this afternoon. Thank GOD I pre-made dinner for tonight and all I had to do was pop it in the oven.

Like I said, I'm in love! It feels great! The only problem, and yes there is a problem! I have no clothes. I know it's not really a problem per se because it just means that I get to go shoppy! But you should have seen me trying to figure out what to wear, not pretty. All I've been wearing the last 5 years is shorts, mini-skirts (which I collect and yeah I know Opr@h I'm over 35 and shouldn't were minis), yoga pants and tank tops. I did pull out some old work clothes, which were toooooo much for this job, I don't need suits anymore. But I had some cute pants, but I've lost 35 pounds since I last wore any of them and they were a bit loose. Loose enough that when I bent down, someone noticed my tattoo on my back. ECK! Ummm yeah, so I've got a few tats.

The whole tattoo thing has been kinda weird. I had covered up the one on my wrist through the district interviews and during the school interview, so when I walked in with a (pretty cute I must say) tattoo on my wrist, I got a few sideways looks. I'm in no way ashamed of my tattoo, I'm very proud of it in fact, but I am conscious of it now that I'm back in the work force again. It only took a few people to check it out to realize I have no worries. They get it and they thought it was pretty cool, then everyone started showing me their tattoos. I of course worried for nothing. I love my job!

It's almost six and I'm ready for a spa and a bed because damn I gotta go shopping tomorrow!!! Thanks for all your wonderful support and encouragement, my bloggy friends rock! Have a great weekend everyone!


I am soo happy for you. Shop on!!! You deserve it. 35 pounds makes a huge difference. What fun a new job!!

Whoooo hoooo... wow... 35 pounds... it seems that in all honesty... I was going so well with the diet... but I have fallen from grace with it... need to suck it in and get back on the wagon... once again... glad you liked the job... more fun to come...

I'm so glad you had such a great day! I hope my first day back will be as enjoyable.

Happy to hear and happy for you!

Keep smilin!

It's such a nice change to see someone so HAPPY about their job! I love it when run into someone who truly enjoys what they do. Congrats!!

How wonderful to find a job that you love so much! What is it your are doing for the school??? Have fun shopping.... you are so cute and anything would looke amazing on you.


Glad you had such a wonderful first day - now go shoppy!

So happy you love your job! Congrats on losing weight! Life is good!


So glad that it went well and you really love it!

What a great reason to have to shop....35 pounds????....seriously...that is awesome!

Enjoy your weekend and your shopping!


Glad you love the new job. That's what it's all about. Being able to enjoy what we do for a living.

PS. Congrats on 35lbs. You go girl!

Have fun shopping my friend. Wish you where working in my child's school. Such a creative, lovely, positive, supportive friend.

I love my work also. Not many can say that. But, I really do. I work from my home. That has its ups and downs but mostly ups. I am fortunate to have this opportunity in my career.

Love you friend.


I'm so happy you enjoyed your first day of work. And what better reason to go shopping!

So glad you had such a good day.

And way to go ... 35 pounds ... that's awesome!!

Hooray, that rocks!!