18 July 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008 - ,, 13 comments

Testing Our Faith

Today at 5:30pm we received some (and I had to find the right word to put here and Mike and I came up with...) disappointing news from our agency. It is interesting that the information was sent to us in an email, on a Friday night. We now get to sit in wonder for the weekend with our hearts pulled and our stomaches in our throats.

This road has been so bumpy and we have kept the faith and this weekend we will really need to dig deep to let go and let God. In keeping with the faith we all decided to have some Chinese food for dinner tonight and share our thoughts, feelings and vent to eachother, including Jake. Well as you all know Chinese food comes with the best dessert and tonight under saddened skies we were not disappointed with the words that spilled out of the cookie.

Is someone really watching out for us?


Oh no, I hope it works out...

Those are some fine words of encouragement. I hope everything gets back on track.


Oh Gosh. I hope it isn't what I think it is. I'll say a little prayer that everything works out. Love the fortunes. I picked up a little Fortune collecting journal thingie at Barnes and Noble last year and we have been saving all of our fortunes and putting them in the journal for Sophie. Little did we know that the book would probably be full by the time she comes home! It's kind of neat though. They still have themn online. It's called
"Fortune Collecting Journal" by Potter Style

Yikes.... hope all works out.....


That sounds worrisome.
I hope everything works out.
Rememeber your mantra .....
"Keep the faith".

you know what I think...... and I do hope and pray that our agency will get their freakin' act together and tell us the truth. i am beyond being "nice" about all this crap. sorry for the dramatics.....

hang on... i'm trying to do so with you.

I hope everything works out.....hang in there!

Keep the faith my friend....will be thinking about you!


Thanks for the fortune cookie thoughts. It's nice to know that we have to put faith in pieces of paper shoved into a cookie instead of people, isn't it??!!

The "Friday night" email things has me sick...what's the REAL story here?! I wonder.

I'm hanging in there with you. XXOO

Hi, Kayce. I found you from Lisa at Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! I also have Type 1 diabetes and was diagnosed at age 20. I have worn an insulin pump for apx. 11 years. I also received the FREE glucometer in the mail!

Sorry to hear about your bumpy adoption road. Hang in there!


oh no, what is it? I am just reading this now!

Hugs and good thoughts friend.


Yes Kayce, I'm almost positive we had this discussion of being with the same agency awhile ago. It just plain sucks.

Glad you got some decent fortunes in your cookies. We always get stupid, cheesy ones or ones that don't make sense :-(

We'll get through this. The good thing for you is that you are a March LID where we're stuck all the way back in Dec! I'm more mad because we are on the SN waiting list and with their current status the CCAA is NOT sending more WC.

Breathe in, breathe out. Or as someone else says, peace in, peace out.

I think I know the issues you're having with your agency. I'm so sorry to hear that, it really sucks. It's so not fair the things we have to go through. Only because we want a family.