17 July 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008 - 7 comments


I so love free things! When T@co Bell has free taco days I'm all over it like flies on, oh wait I shouldn't say that here. ANYWAY, yeah FREE IS MY FRIEND! So to my surprise the other day the UPS man comes knocking on our gate and is greeted by the girls who proceed to get free bones and I get a package. UMMMM I'm thinking, what did I order and how much did it cost and how the hell did I pay for it? I check out the return addy and...Uh-oh it's from my insulin pump people, which means that it's something expensive and I should probably refuse the shipment but curiosity got the better of me. I can always tape it back up and send it back cuz I didn't order anything.

On the counter-top goes the box and out comes the knife and here comes Big J to do the job of tearing it open and low and behold is a brand spanking new blood glucose machine! HOOOOLLLY SHITAKE! It's a meter that transmits my glucose readings directly to my pump!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is huge for me because since I am like most American's I like the fast route, the easiest way, and everything is abbreviated. So this little wonder of a machine takes out a whole step for me when I have to administer insulin. I don't have to put in my blood sugar, it's ALREADY DONE FOR ME!! YEAH!

Wait it gets better.....this schweet little thing was FREEEEEEE!!!!!!! Free is good!


SCORE!! That is awesome!

Too cool! Me loves free stuff too.

Congratulations! If only they could figure out a way for you to do this without having to poke yourself all the time!!

Way too cool. Days like that just don't get any better...

Although not as cool as your freebie, I was thrilled the other day when I went into the video store to re-rent P's Indiana Jones game and the guy said, "It's on the house." When do you hear that anymore? Love it!

First off Free and second off.. A lot easier....
Love it...
Have a Great Weekend..

Very cool. My sister said she got some kind of free pump thingy last month... I wonder if it was the same thing! :)