14 July 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008 - 6 comments

Jalama Beach Trip

Our trip to Jalama Beach was incredible! When we left early Tuesday we were a little apprehensive that we'd get a spot, but we tried really hard to stay positive and just go with the flow of the outcome. Needless to say the journey down was uneventful until we got onto the road that leads to the campground. By then it was about 12pm and we were stressed that we would be number 8 on the list and that their were only 7 campsites available. We have to be there by 2pm in order to get a site. So we're on this twisty turvey 14 mile road that looks like we are going to nowhere when we are stopped for road construction. We were stopped for 15 minutes and at that point we just said whatever! We will put our names on the list for tomorrow if we can't get in today and we will turn around and go find something near by. Well the workerman let is through along with the several cars ahead of us and no more than a mile down a tree just fell in the middle of the road. NO JOKE folks! Both Mike and I looked at each other and just started laughing. Out of the car we get and get something to drink from the trailer while the tree situation is being looked at. Reminder to self, always carry a chainsaw.

Well after about 20 maybe 30 minutes, tree is chopped up and we are back on our way. 7 miles later we crest a hill and low and behold is beauty below us. Pure heaven. And of course the gate to get in....so we get to the gate and ask if there are any open spots and the ranger said... "YES and you are number 2 on the wait list so go wait over there until 2pm and come back to get your spot." THANK YOU LORD!! We got a great spot almost at the top over looking the beach and the campground below. Beautiful!

The beach was wonderful and full of treasures. Some treasures were not so nice though...oil everywhere! After a while we stopped caring and just dealt with it, the poor dogs had to go through a mini manicure though to get it out of their little paws. Mineral Oil and Dawn dish washing detergent works wonders! We walked for miles, literally miles like 6 to 8 miles, until we couldn't walk anymore. We ate Jalama Burgers. We played rummy until we all cried. We picked up Jacob on Friday and started the whole process again. Long walks, rummy, food and good times. It was way too hard to leave and we will definitely make the trek again, it was so worth the stress of wondering if you'll get a spot.

Here is a little movie of pictures I put together...enjoy!


your photos are fantastic! Those dogs, oh my, they are beautiful.


This looks like sooooo much fun! Next time Tate and I will be joining you!!! If only.

I am still planning on coming. I will email you.


Wow...what amazing pictures and what an amazing place to spend time making memories!!

I love the F#@** Cancer sign, my patient had a t-shirt with that exact sentiment on it last week. :)

Glad you had a good time!!

That beach looks incredible!!!! I WANT TO GO THERE!!! I am glad your trip was awesome and that you got your kiddo back safe and sound!

That's quite the adventure just to get to the park! Looks like you guys had a good time!

Love the pics. Looks so peaceful. And the girls are gorgeous!