08 May 2008

Thursday, May 08, 2008 - 8 comments

What are we coming to??

I have to preface this by saying that I'm mad! So excuse the language.

In our quite wealthy town, the most expensive place to live in California, we have a school district that is so mis-managed and has completely destroyed their reputation by lying, cheating and just plain f&^%$-ing up. So this morning the headline in the paper was the outline of what was approved for cuts to our CHILDREN! To our CHILDREN! Here's what our kids lost...

"In all, $8 million in cuts were made to balance next year's budget in the face of anticipated losses of state funding. Initially the district estimated $9.4 million in reductions would be needed, but additional revenue was identified from things such as higher-than-expected enrollment and savings in the current year.

Also cut were music, elementary school libraries, middle school sports and small English and math classes for ninth-graders. There also will be fewer nurses, bus drivers, secretaries, cafeteria and technology workers and other classified employees next year under the proposal. The budget for high school sports was cut 25 percent."

Libraries??? ARE YOU SHITTING ME??

Small 9th grade English and Math classes?? Those are the classes that MY SON needs, those are the classes for kids who struggle, those classes are what has gotten J through this first year at the Jr. High. Of course no on was listening when parents like me tried to explain the importance of classes like these so that our API test scores don't continue to be the worst in California.

The article went on to talk about teacher pay cuts, but there was such a high volume of negativity towards it that they dropped that subject. I understand why the teachers don't want to get pay cuts, they/we can barely deal with the cost of living in this town. Our teachers already are one of the lowest payed teachers in California, so I can understand the fight, but lets talk about cutting the pay of the people running the show. HELLO SOME OF YOU MAKE OVER $200,000 a year and you're a F$#@! up!! What ever!

I'm soooo sorry for going off like that, I'm just pissed. Okay I feel a little better, but I'm still pissed....thanks for listening.


You have every right to be angry. I wish I could be angry. Most times I just want to cry about it. They are cutting the budget at the community college level too, and that directly affects my husband's employment. He just took a job at Target working the graveyard shift to make up for it. I keep thinking to myself that our gov't will get their shit together and things will get better, but when? Is there anything more important than our children's education? Oh yeah......War with another country. Sigh.

I am right there with you! it is unreal. What can this state be thinking, how could rational people go this way! What can be done. Maybe moms should picket! ahah Maybe not kidding!

Putting that on you blog is doing something. You go girl.

How is Molly? My dogs are driving me crazy. Aussies are hyper. I wish I could send them to you and you could turn them into your SWEET dogs. You have magic dog dust in your soul i think. Maybe my problem is that I never have had large dogs unitl now. Maybe I'm not good with them. I only know how to do lap dogs. I am great with them. Do you have any advice?

I love the shot of you all hiking! See, you are a special family, even to strangers!!

Yes, these are tough times financially in education. Our district is making out all right so far, but I think the 2009/2010 school year could be brutal.

I'm not expecting another pay raise for five years.

Pissed off is all part of the process! RIGHT?!!


PS. I hope you got my thank you. And, there is something on the way to you!
I friggin love that bib!

They cut libraries?? That's just terrible. Hopefully they'll get rid of some of the politicians instead, I bet they'll have a huge surplus then for libraries.

HEAR,HEAR! I had to take a district survey to decide what I would cut first, and I cried while I took it. How can I choose between music and libraries and teacher salaries? (I wrote about this on my blog a while ago, but took it down) You have every right to be pissed...

It would piss me off too! Go figure how the priorities got to be where they are!

I am sorry to be a slacker. I have been very out-of-touch but want to thank you for the beautiful bib. I LOVE it and I hope I have a gooey face staring back at me soon as my girl is modeling it. The bib was a real boost to my spirits!

You have every right to be pissed off! These cuts are affecting the children and our future......