09 May 2008

Friday, May 09, 2008 - 10 comments


Happy Friday to one and all!!!

What a week it has been here in Northern California! Wait let me go back....What a CRAPPPPY week it has been in Northern California! The weather has been just plain ole glummy and does NOTHING for the mood. The drivers have all been on cr@ck! I've been cut off and had to use the horn more times this week then I have all year. I'm attributing it to the weather.

Well the weekend is upon us and I am LOOKING forward to it! But let me tell you that's what I'm telling myself only because I'm trying to be positive, you see Jacob is with his dad this weekend and we all know what's happening on Sunday. I'm just so glad he, my exhole, feels that he shouldn't share a few hours with me on Sunday. EXHOLE! SOOOOO instead of wallowing in my pitty I am having a HUGE celebration of the mothers in my life and having a little garden party here and I'm actually looking forward to it. I'm most excited about making these....I've been dying to bust out some cute looking cupcakes. Does anyone know why cupcakes are the latest rage right now?? Well when I finish my version of a sexy cupcake I'll post a picture for your pleasure.

Other things I want to do this weekend....I'm making a way cute skirt for myself. I'm finishing up on the project I've been mailing you all...if you want one and haven't sent me your addy...do so and I'll get you a little something for your little someone. I'm also watching Se% and the C+ty, yeah yeah I know I'm a little late jumping on board with this one, we just got H&BO and I'm LOVING that show!!!!!! I'm looking forward to this day to be done so I can make this for dinner....

Okay enough of my ranting and raving.....


SOunds like Sunday will be a lot of fun. Cant wait to read about it!

I luvs me some cupcakes. Any excuse for frosting and I'm there! LOL!

I got the bib. It's beautiful! Thanks so much for thinking of me.

PS. Hurry up and get thru all 6 seasons of S&TC cuz the movie comes out on May 30th. It picks up where the season finale left off.

I wait to hear how that delic cupcake went... tofu sandwich??? Looks good too! You just made me hungry.

Sorry about exhole and mother's day. Good you got rid of him.


Sorry about Mother's Day. I still crack up everytime I read "exhole", though!!

Sorry the ex is being such a hole. It'll come back and bite him one day, don't worry.

Enjoy the day and your garden party!

Yeah, "Exhole" cracks me up every single time. I wish I lived closer. I would invite myself to your garden party and eat me some cupcakes. :)

I'm way behind on the whole Sex and the City phenom too. I actually borrowed a couple of seasons from a friend so I can see the movie with some friends who are obsessed with it and I won't be totally in the dark.

Have a happy mother's day!

Thanks again for the bib!!! I can't wait to see the skirt!!! And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

THANK YOU FOR MY BIB!!!! Oh my gosh Kayce it is SOOOO freaking cute!!! And knowing you did it yourself makes it all the more special.

Now, I'm stuck on this word: exhole. I am LIKING that. Good word.

Can't tell you why cupcakes are all the rage now but I've always liked them. Now you're making me hungry for one.

Happy Mother's Day!!!