01 May 2008

Thursday, May 01, 2008 - 4 comments

Thanks for a Thursday

- My husband.
I can not believe how lucky I am to have this man in my life. EVERY DAY when I see him I get butterflies in my tummy. I am more in love today than I was when I opened my door to this stranger 12 years ago.

- Ella May.We drove 7 hours to fetch this little ball, who has changed our lives forever. She is my constant companion and jumps in bed with me every-night to snuggle under the covers. She lets me hold her while I cry tears of pain into her furry neck and when I'm done she licks my face clear of all my tears.

- My Molly. Molly is the first dog I've owned and I can't imagine life without her. I am so thankful for the time we have right now. This picture just makes me laugh! That's so her, holding her ball in her mouth for hours!!! This picture was taken 4 years ago, she has no freckles on her face!!

- Jacob.I'm just so thankful for him. The baby that was never supposed to be. The baby they said I'd never have. He loves me and all my craziness as his mom and tells me everyday how lucky he is to have me as his mom because I'm not a normal mom. I'm a cool mom. Thank you Lord!

- My sewing machine. It's getting me through this time in our adoption. It's keeping me focused on other things and keeping me happy.

- My friends. Thank you!


What a blessing it is to have a hubby that you love so much and, thank you for sharing that.

As someone who longs for a husband (when God chooses to bring him along) it always hurts my heart when people tear their spouse down. I know that marriage is not easy but it's people like you who praise their spouse that really 'get it.' My parents are like that and I am so thankful for them and the beautiful marriage they display to me. You are doing the same for your son and your children to be! You are a wonderful example to them.

Have a great weekend enjoying those you love.

That is a great list to be thankful for!

I got a little choked up reading about all the goodness in your life.



I love reading your posts. They are from the heart and writing style is so clear. I would love to hear how you met you beloved hubby!