15 May 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008 - 10 comments

Sweet Tea

On Monday I received a call from my little sister informing me that I was invited to a tea. My 6 year old nephew wanted ME to go to his "mother's tea" at his school. I was so touched and instantly cried. SO sweet.

Well I just returned from sitting in little chairs and having little hands serve me the best tea I've ever had! The best part of this sweet tea story is the fact that my nephew told my mom today that he was so excited to have me there and couldn't wait to have me meet all his friends! He then told my mom that he told everyone that I'm his CRAZY AUNT KAYCE. Ummmmmm crazy? Yeah that's right, he thinks I'm crazy. I couldn't stop laughing. When asked what makes me crazy, he had the following to say...

Mom: "A, what do you mean Aunt Kayce is crazy?"

A: "Aunt Kayce is crazy because one time she gave Jake 1 scoop of ice cream and gave me 3 scoops!!!!"

Mom: "What else makes Aunt Kayce crazy?"

A: "Well one time when I spent the night at her house she made Jake go to bed at 8 and let me stay up until 9. That was cool."

A: "She also is really loud when she wakes up Uncle Mike. She's crazy!!"

Phew!!!! I thought for sure I'd be hauled off to the funny farm today, but I found out I'm just plain fun crazy!!

Sweet tea! A perfect hump day to a tough week. :)


Hee! That's pretty cute. Not sure if Grace and Cameron think I'm crazy, but when asked by her teacher where her Aunt Michelle lived, Grace replied "Oh, she lives at the airport". Ha!

Sounds like someone loves his auntie VERY much! He is so cute!

Keep smilin!

That is so funny-- Crazy Aunt Kayce!!!

That was so sweet that you were invited. I love that-- what a sweet boy!

The shirt Mia is wearing is actually from The Childrens Place!!! It was only $6 and they have it in a ton of colors and in a floral print also. I got like 4 of them. They are also a jersey knit so they will wash up really well-- love them. I also got her shorts/ capri's she is wearing in the pics also at the Childrens Place-- totally cute and totally cheap!!!

Christy :)

Little boys are so sweet, aren't they?! I wouldn't pass up tea with that little cutie for anything!!

I am CRAZY Aunite Lisa around here and LOVE IT!!! Isn't it fun what a kids think is crazy and cool!!!


Ha! Love it! "Fun Crazy" is a great thing to be. :) Glad to hear your having a wonderful day! ;)

Hey... I am Crazy Aunty Flissy... (or the younger ones call me Sissy)... it is fun being the crazy one... forget what everyone else says... hahaha...

Very cute! Nephews are the best!

Okay that's the sweetest,so glad you both had such a wonderful time.
Stay crazy fun..

How truly sweet, you wonderfully crazy woman!