16 May 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008 - 20 comments

Anxious emotions

As the week is winding down and the weekend is starting I am relieved yet anxious.

Molly has taken a turn. And I find myself unprepared. We've been preparing our emotions for 10 weeks now, but last night as she fell asleep in my arm, which is NOT like her, I cried and said I'm not ready. With the change in Molly comes a change in Ella, she too has decided to stop eating and is very protective of Molly. Our nights are spent with Ella up every little while checking on Molly and coming back to me to whine. It is heart wrenching. We are doing everything we can think of to get them to eat. Ella will eventually eat something, but Molly's appetite is half or more of what it was last week. We had plans of a trip to Big Sur this weekend but had to cancel due to a family celebration and a family member in the hospital. Our house is so full of mixed up emotions and lots of prayer right now. We are hoping we can get down to BS next weekend. We will see. Mike doesn't think we'll make it or if we do go, it will be without our baby girl. Pause for tears........

Okay I can't write anymore today....


Hang in there. I only wish the best for her and all of you. I know it is hard....

Oh, i'm so sorry...
I wish you all the best and pray that Molly does not suffer.


I hate that you are going through this. My heart goes out to you, friend.


My heart aches for you. I wish I could offer you more...hugs and thinking of you all.

Keep smilin!

oh kayce. I'm fighting back tears just reading this. I thought I was ready for our tess to go. She was fifteen, she had the tumor for a long time, and it had grown quite a bit in the months before her death. I was so wrong. When it finally came time, it rocked me to the core. I don't think you are ever truly ready. I am just so sorry. I'm working on something special for you and I'll try to finish it this weekend and get it out sooner rather than later. Please know you are never far from my thoughts.

I am writing this thru tears!!! Huge hugs from me and puppy snuggles from Mesa. I am off to snuggle and love on Mesa with prayers going out to y'all, Ella and Molly!!!


I'm crying for you. I'm so sorry. One day you will take comfort in the time you have been able to spend with Molly in these last weeks. You are so clearly devoted to her. Thinking of you.

I'm so sorry Molly's gotten worse. Nobody is ever ready for something like this. Hugs to all of you.

Oh no! I don't think you can really ever be ready...I'll be thinking of you..

I'm so sorry.


I'm so sorry..
Huge hugs for you.
Keeping you in thought and prayers this weekend.

Hugs for you. Just hugs...

I'm so sorry :-(

Big hugs Kayce. I so know what you are going through right now. I don't live with the dog I had in high school and college and haven't for 11 1/2 years but when my parents had to put him down on Thursday I wanted to curl up and climb into bed. I couldn't stop crying and still I get really sad when I see his photo or think about him. I know it was time, but still, he was my friend. One without judgment and one who loved you unconditionally.

I am sorry to hear this news Kayce. Very sorry. I hope that you all get through this time ok.

My heart just aches for you. I wish so much there were more than words. I wish there were something that could be said that would make it easier, for all of you. I'm praying that all of your best memories with her sustain you in these hardest of days.

I am so deeply sorry.

I am so sorry. {{Hugs}}

Thinking about you today Kayce, sending out big hugs...