06 March 2008


No more yanky my wanky, the donger need fud! God I loved that movie. And Jacob is an awesome name.

awwww...so sweet! :)

I love Molly Ringwald. Cute story.

Keep smilin!

Wow..that was a walk down memory lane! Love the name Jacob.

What a great story! Jacob is a great name.

Sweet... My nephew is named Jacob and Tahlia always calls him Jakey :-)

GOOD GOD! I LOVED that movie!

pssssttttt - my sons name is Jacob also

whats happening hot stuff? hahaha

fabulous post!

One of my all time favorites! I remember the first time I saw this movie. Every teenager in town was at the theater and no adults could be seen for miles...And I loved Jake. I still quote the movie every time I catch it on TV. Thanks for the memories :)

She's got boobies!! (still cringe at that scene every. single. time.!)

Thanks for the walk down my teenage lane...those were the good ol' days my friend...

Jake Ryan is the hottest high-school hottie ever! (and we all know he was like 28 right?!?!?)


AWWWWWWW!!!! That is so sweet. I love this movie and always have!! MIss visiting your site. Its been almost a week. Ive been so darn busy with the kitchen remodel I have hardly been online. Anyway, glad to catch up with you finally.

Christy :)

Hee! One of my favorite movies ever. I sing the birthday song to everyone I know(and sometimes those I don't know) on their birthdays. Love it!

You know the one.....
Da na na na na na...you say it's your birthday?
Da na na na na.....It's my birthday too!

Jake Ryan is so hot. I went to school with guys just like...Porshe and everything! I always secretly wished I could make out on top of a glass table!

Girl, you KNOW I love me some Jake Ryan... (and I wonder if that wasn't in the back of my mind somewhere when we named our Jake!)