17 January 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008 - 16 comments

Did I start something?

Today I started with a new client. I've been dreading this house since I did a trial run of it in August. It's a huge home, with no detail left undone. It is phenomenal to say the least. Sweeping views of the entire bay and down town area. BEAUTIFUL craftsmanship throughout. Something I will never live in in my lifetime. The only thing missing is the pitter padder of tiny toes.

While I was there in August, the client and I talked a lot about kids. She asked TONS of questions about my own and how I've parented and every question in between. At some point I got comfortable enough with her and told her we were adopting. She asked why add more to your family? I told her that my husband and I have so much more to give and so do my existing children.

As a woman who has put her career first, this woman seemed enthralled with my desire to be a mother first and walk away from a great career path. Over the few hours I was there she asked little questions, that seemed now that I look back at the conversation, huge. She was missing something. She wanted something. She was sad that she waited so long. She had a small fire inside her that was starting to burn more intense. I can see that now as I think back to that summer day.

So today when I arrived at her home ready to make it sparkle, I wasn't looking forward to the task. I was actually dreading it. As I walked through the house to make my cleaning plan, I was stopped dead in my tracks at the book sitting on the bed side. Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew and the open drawer below filled with baby books. I immediately had tears in my eyes and warmed to the thought of really making this home shine. As I made my way downstairs to introduce myself to this woman's mother who lives with them, I was met with pure joy.

The woman in front of me was beaming from ear to ear. She immediately started talking about how her daughter hasn't stopped talking about me since August and this and that and this and that! She wanted to know all about my children and what time I had to leave to pick them up and kept telling me "do not be late to get your babies!". She finally answered the question I was dying to ask, "You know my daughter and her husband have decided to adopt?" I burst into tears and gave that woman a hug and told her how happy I am for her and for her daughter and son in law.

The day that was dreary in my head, was not dreary at all. I saw the energy in that home had changed. The house was being prepared for a little life to fill the empty spots. There may not be a crib or a nursery yet, but there is a sense of something coming, something big.


That is a GREAT story! And just think...that seed may not have been planted had you not been there to whisper in her ear.

Oh that is just awesome! These people will remember you forever! What a wonderful story.

we never know who's lives we can touch by just sharing a story.

Wonderful story....you have a good weekend too! ;)

What a great story! I love hearing how others come to adoption and there is something so special about being able to plant the seed or nurture the idea along in another family!

What a fantastic post! You are a God send!!!

What a wonderful story! You touched and influenced that persons life. Amazing.

Keep smilin!

Wow! That's a great story. You are positively impacting your world, Kayce. I love that!

That is awesome! We never know who we will change with our stories - each one reach one, eh?

you are awesome. you clean homes, you keep a home & now you just created a home. God Bless YOU.

I was scanning through the comments from this morning's chat group and I missed your questions. It was just crazy this morning, there have never been that many people.
Steffie and I had a great dinner and really just talked about what is going on with our adoptions and our agencies. You know,the same as I guess everyone else is doing right now. Our LID's are really close and we have the same agency.
I think we're going out to dinner tonight, nothing fancy but it would be good to get out of this house. The roads are really bad here right now. There have been below freezing temps and snow. But if we don't get out of here at least for a little while I'll go nuts.
Please come back next week. I feel so bad that I missed your comments. Have a great weekend!

That just made my little ticker smile. I love it.

What a sweet story. I love that you have made an impact for these people and their future child, Kayce.

Too cool! How neat the way you were used to help someone else! What a wonderful gift you gave them...the gift of sharing your story! It was a fellow adoptive mom sharing her story on a scrapbooking website that was one of the final pieces used to start my journey to adopt!

Dr. McDougall might be able to help you regulate your sugar more.
Good luck!

Go Kayce...I have yet to inspire anyone else to adopt.