22 January 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 - 10 comments

My fingers hurt!

This is my typical day as a diabetic...

6:30am - Wake up stumble downstairs to coffee pot - Check blood sugar

7am - Prepare breakfast: 1 apple with natural peanut butter = total carbs 30.
Dial into my trusty pump my blood sugar reading and my carb count and wala my insulin is dialed in and delivered.

8am - Drop off the child to "the joint" as it is referred to by the boy.

(If I'm not working I go for a walk here)

9am - Test blood sugar before starting walk. Add snack to tummy if too low (for me under 120 will put me on the floor by the end of a walk so I have to start exercising higher than that) I also will turn off my pump at this time. Better safe than lying in the sand waiting for help.

10:30am - Back to car after walk. Test blood sugar, turn pump back on if I turned it off.

12:30 - 1:30pm - Test blood sugar for lunch. Prepare lunch: Sandwich of choice with soy crisps = total carbs 80. Dial into my trusty pump my blood sugar reading and my carb count and wala my insulin is dialed in and delivered.

3pm - Off to pick up child from school. Must test blood sugar before I drive ANYWHERE, that's another post I'll share in the future. If low get out of car sit on bench by house and eat/drink something to bring up blood sugar level. IF not low drive away to teenage land.

5pm - Begin to prepare dinner. (Sample meal) Angel Hair Delight - Total carbs= 60.
6pm - Test blood sugar for dinner. Dial into my trusty pump my blood sugar reading and my carb count and wala my insulin is dialed in and delivered.

10pm - Bedtime. Test blood sugar. All okay to bed I go. Not okay I sit and eat/drink something until blood sugar is good.

Sometimes I test my blood sugar more, but usually this is my typical testing day. CRAZY uh?!?!?


Ouchie...but ya gotta do it to keep ya going in a straight line.

Keep smilin!

Ouch. I remember my Mom complaining of the same problem. We had a little boy(5 years old) at my last job that had to test often also and I always felt so bad for him, but he was such a trooper! I have very little experience with this and I'm sure you are "in the know", but I read they have test kits you can do on your arm instead of your fingers? Still sounds like it would hurt to me. I'm sorry! That's a bummer.

wow! I had no idea how often you would need to check your blood sugar. Ouch for sure!

HOly Cow Kayce!!! That is some major dedication!! Laila and Laura said that you have been dealing with this since you were a little kid. I guess it is just the norm for you but it is pretty amazing to an outsider-- WOW!!!

Chrisyt ;)

I've been thinking of you, Kayce, and your kickass tattoo as I've been dealing with my diabetic cat. I know, I know...but that is my life. Anyway, we are using the same exact glucose monitor - got our syringes and insulin from the pharmacy and are doing close to a human diabetic tx for a cat. Yes, a cat.

She's doing pretty good, btw. We do hate the glucose curve tests (have had 2) where we have to prick her in the ear every 4 hours. Hard. Sucks.

I am in awe of the type of discipline it takes to live your life.

This gives me a whole new perspective. As a nurse, I'm doing those blood sugars and coverage- I've never imagined it for my patients at home. You're an inspiration.

You mean all this time I have been poking your voodoo doll, has been to take your bloodsugars?
Seriously a huge drag to have to do this daily.... You are just a 'lucky' one. NOT.

I had no idea. That's so much to do but I suppose it's just normal for you. We all adjust to what ever we have to. But wow.. that's a lot!

Wow! I didn't realize how much work was involved. Your poor fingers...