12 October 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007 - 11 comments

A chat with the nurse

Nurse: Oh how cute is your tattoo.

Me: Thanks! I love it! (I turn my wrist over so she can see the rest of it)

N: ?

N: Is that for real?

Me: Sure is.

N: Are you a diabetic?

Me thinking: No dumb ass I just wanted to write "diabetic" on the inside of my wrist and have it there for the rest of my life.

Me: I sure am, I've been a diabetic for almost 30 years. You can check my file there.

N: Wow, that's cool. Did you do it as a joke?

Me: I'm sorry did you ask if I did it as a joke?

N: Yeah. You know, like did someone dare you to get it?

Me: Um no. No one dared me. It's not a joke either. I'm a diabetic and it's like a medical alert bracelet. I wanted to get this tattoo.

N: It wasn't a joke?

Me: What was my weight today??


I think your tatoo is brilliant! I am always thinking about my weight at the Dr's office.

I think that is totally cool and some peoples reactions surprise me.

Have a great weekend.

Christy :)

Moron...it rocks!!

Keep smilin!

I thinks it great! My husband's a diabetic and my mom's a diabetic. Maybe the nurse should be alittle more sensitive!

I had a day filled with idiots too. It takes all kinds (I guess).

Excellent change of subject question...

I get so fed up of nurses who make a bad name for those of us who really are passionate about what we do...

Cool tattoo. I love that it not only acts as an alert, but it's like you embracing this disease full on, like you own it and it doesn't own you.


What you left on my blog is totally a trip. I think I know who you are talking about. I am constantly shocked at what a small world this is!! Such a trip about the Lucilles thing and you knowing Laila and then this-- strange.

Anyway, have a great day!!

Christy :)

Wow... you know the conversation sucks when you'd rather discuss weight!

ooops... hit "publish" too quickly... I love the idea and am thinking something similar would be good for me... only, you know, with "heart fucked up" instead of "diabetic".;-)

Ha Ha! That's the funiest fucking joke I could ever think to play on a person. Did she get the punch line?

Sounds like she deserved a slapping!!! As someone who has dealt with a few things of my own, I gotta love nurses and doctors sometimes.

You were nice about it though when you changed the subject. I would've told her off.