29 September 2007


You're a survivor! Happy #18. :-)

Happy Birthady LID!!!!

Hay, just think about the fact that you have 18 months behind and hopefully less in front!! THey keep talking about a speed up when they get into 2006 LID's so hopefully they will breeze through Jan and Feb and then your up. Keep the positive attitude!!!

Christy :)

Happy 18! I pray that there are not too many more to go for you. (Or for everyone else in line)

18 that's huge! You're in the final stretch..:)

Let's hope when your legal to throw back a few you'll have a DAMN good reason to!! Can you say HELLO REFERRAL... can't be much longer now.

Happy 18!

Congratulations Kayce! 18 months closer.

That's a great way to look at it! So I think you're about ready to get "knocked up" with a referral!

Happy 18!!! Today is our 9 month LIDaversary, and I TOTALLY FORGOT until I came here and saw yours!!! I can't believe I forgot!

...glad you got my message! Sorry I didn't call back. We got home really late and are on the run again this morning. I'll call you soon!! .....a camera??????? :)
Your man is thinking he would rather have awesome pix of Jenny!!! :)

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Congratulations on your adulthood!! :) 18 loooongggg months! We WILL survive this!! :)

Woohoo to 18! Who ever thought we'd get to be grown-ups during this wait???

I'll meet you in Las Vegas when you turn 21!

Happy 18! You're one month closer to your baby. :)

Happy 18!!!

Keep smilin!

Happy 18!!!

Keep smilin!

Woooohooo - Congrats!! :)