28 September 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007 - 4 comments


I'm beat up! Busy cleaning week with an even busier one coming next week, can you say 7 houses in 4 days!!! Ouch! But hey, money talks!

Here's the weekend plans:

Watch CSI tonight (recored last night)
Make Banana Bread
Try to get a new iPod. Mine literally blew up and the warranty expired 20 days before.
Wax job. Bye Bye catapillers!
Birthday party for nephew
Play in nursery for an hour or two

Okay I think I'm tired now!


Good thing you scheduled in the sleeps!

MMMM...Love banana bread!

OK Im tired just reading that-- UGGG- but fun!!

You asked where I get Mia's clothes and I get most of them, including the one in the pic you were referring to at Naartjie-- a South Aftican Clothing brand that has stores in malls but they also have a website (not a great one) http://www.naartjie.homestead.com/

I love their clothes. They are unique and totally cute. I get comments on her clothes all the time. I woudl say 65 % of her clothes are from Naartjie and the rest are gymboree, Baby Gap and others I fins. Love Naartjie though. They go from infant to like a girls size 10 so you can put your kid in it for many years :)

Christy :)

I had that sleep thing down really well this weekend. Hope you did too.