10 August 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007 - 7 comments

The bomb and my double D's

So on our recent trip to SoCal we took a plane instead of driving like we normally do. Well, when I go on a plane it's always fun getting though all the security since 9/11. I have to mention to the first TSA person that I see that I'm carrying needles, syringes and the like. Of course they immediately take me by the arm and all of my belongings and escort me to the nearest search station. FUN FUN! And the TSA staff is all yelling, "woman pat down!", "woman pat down!"

Well this recent trip was no exception. I prepared my stuff and got out my card that states I'm wearing a medical device, blah blah! I see the first TSA person and pull my pump out of my shirt as I am explaining that I'm carrying needles. She immediately jumps back and says loudly, "Put that away!!!" I'm standing there wondering if she thinks I've got a bomb on me?!?!? She. Is. FREAKING. OUT! All this starts before I walk through the beeper thingy. So now she has ALLLLLLL my stuff and is picking it up yelling, "WOMAN PAT DOWN!!" and I'm preparing to be strip searched! As I walk through the beeper thingy, it of course goes NUTS! "STOP" the TSA people say and ask me to walk through it again, more bells. Go figure!

So the lady starts to escort me to the little station and by now Mike is trying to find a good seat to sit and watch the whole thing, he thinks it's good comedy. I stare at him and roll my eyes and he just sits there tying his shoes and is laughing! ARGHH!! Up come the woman who is to search me and the other is looking though my belongings. YUP folks I did tell you there are needles, and hypodermics in there and all the other kinds of things you tell people not to bring on a plane, but I have to!

The ole hand held beeper thing is now starting to be waved over my spread out body and starts beeping around my boobs. My boobs! The other lady looking at my pump, which I removed for them to inspect, has finished rifling through my stuff and declared me a diabetic and I'm okay to board. The other lady with the hand held beeper thingy has now determined that my extra supportive bra for my EXTRA large double D breasts is the cause of the beeper thingys upsetness. She looks at me and says, "It's your bra." All righty then!

By now half the people behind me are still hanging around to see if the device I removed from my body is a bomb and all I want to do is crawl in a small hole. And yes, Mike is still sitting there watching me and is laughing.

Oh yes, this is what it's like for me when I travel...I'm comedy for the tired traveler.


Sounds really farcical.

Yeah for the update and all getting your house back to yourself.

Keep smilin!

oh my gosh, you are a brave woman posting a pic of your belly like that!! I can't believe you have to go through all that - that totally sucks!

Oh no, you poor woman. I don't know if I'd even go. That is nuts! It is only a tiny bit funny that your boobs set off the wand! :) just laughing a tiny bit here.

Oh, I am so sorry! But it's also funny!(to me!)

That stinks that you had to go through that. But ... I do find it funny. Great story! :)

Well, at least you make it an adventure traveling the 'Friendly' skies! :)

What a pain in the arse. Well, at least you don't have a mechanical heart valve or you would have been ticking too.