31 July 2007

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 - 6 comments

What a trip!

To Oregon that is! We had a fabulous trip up to my dads in Oregon! We stayed at his river cabin in a VERY small town called Gates. We had NO TV, Radio, Phone, Internet, nothing nada zip! It was great the first 3 days, but after that we were a little bored! But we fished, swam in the lake near by and just gazed at the river passing us by.

On Thursday we headed up to Portland for some reality and wound up at OMSI, (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) and had a ball. Yes that picture of me in the last post was taken while I was touching a HUGE metal ball and Jacob was turning something to produce electricity and my hair went up alllllll over. Every kid in the place was loving it! I had a huge crowd around me and they all thought I was nuts for getting electrified, but hey in the name of science I'll do anything!

One really incredible thing we saw was this.... It is the most incredible exhibit in the world, BodyWorlds. There were about 2 dozen real, yes REAL bodies there and 100's of body parts to look at and I even got to hold a real kidney and a midsection of someone. The whole experience was wild. Jacob DID NOT like it, and I stuck with him to answer questions and try to help him with his feelings of seeing dead people. Go check out the web site.... It's a must see!
  • Body Worlds
    Our trip otherwise was all about relaxing and family. Here are a few pictures...Oh and we saw 3 bald eagles! They amaze me!

  • What A TRIP!!
  • I'm not sure what I did wrong...but the pictures are from ending to beginning...I'm too tired to keep working on this!


    I missed BodyWorlds when they were in AZ, I am glad you enjoyed it. Oregon is beautiful; I am in need of some green scenery and some cooler weather!

    That sounds like a really neat experience!

    Tracy would LOVE that BodyWorlds gig. Sounds quite cool to me too.

    Great trip! We had that exhibit here but no one would go with me...too creeped out!

    Keep smilin!

    I loved all your pictures! It looks so beautiful and serene there! What great fun! I'd like to jump in that river right now!!!

    That is incredibly cool, I went to the site!