19 July 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007 - 3 comments

Hittin the Highway

Well I believe I am packed and ready for nine days of solitude and family and of course to get my son who I'm sure is now shaving! We are off and it is almost 6am and we should arrive at our destination by 5pm! It's gonna be a LONG day!

I also want to take a moment and say how much I enjoyed the conversations on the "busy" post . I think it's important for our bloggy world to stay connected in more ways then our adoptions. I'm gonna try real hard to connect with people and listen and respond to what they say. It's actually fun! So here are a few responses back...


So glad you had a great time with your friend. It's good that you can both be there for eachother during your wait and hers as well. Looking forward to hearing all about your first day of school.



Let's talk and try to figure out when we can hook up, I'm thinking early September. Yeah I know that's a long ways away! Call you from the road!



I am so glad you left your comments, I would love to sit and chat with you in person! I can't beleive you are getting ready to get your daughter, I am so excited to follow along on your journey! Thanks for the comments about my post with my step-daughter, it's nice to know I don't struggle with this alone. Yes my husband is very supportive and trys to understand my emotions, it's still hard though. So while we struggle, we wait and pray for the future and the crack in the ice to deepen. Again thanks for the conversation and enjoy getting ready for China!



Okay folks....must run, Mike is sitting in the car waiting with the dogs! I'll have lots of pictures to post when we return!


Have a good trip my friend!

Have a wonderful time!!! Thanks for being such a good friend. :)

Your attitude and outlook on life is inspiring! Truly.

Thank you for reminding me to live life and not make excuses.

Have a safe trip. I look forward to hearing all about it.

I am sorry I missed this discussion. I was off line and doing things that kept me busy. But I am not defined by that. I am happy and tired. Wish the wait was over. Enjoying the tan I got yesterday.

Keep smilin!