10 July 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 - 11 comments
A couple of things I've been doing in my blogging absence.

Downloaded the Beatles "Love" album to my iPod. This is a FABULOUS album!

Bleaching my teeth. Man do they look GOOD!

Cleaned out the garage! DH was VERY surprised that I actually helped on that chore!

Planned out the "outdoor play" area for Jenny, Jacob and the rest of the hood.
It's gonna be a "barn yard" look with a playhouse, fence, swing/slide thingy and a windmill! We've cleared out the space and must take the piles of shrubry to the dump.

Drove the back road home, which is a 4x4 road, from Big Sur and got to see the back side of Bixby Bridge. BEAUTIFUL!!

Got 90% of our landscaping done in our front yard. As you can also see we got a fence put up, but that was months ago, I just haven't wanted to post pics until the yard is complete. I'll do complete pics in the next few weeks for you all.

Died actually bleached my hair...back to blonde! LOVING IT!! Mike kinda freaked out at first, I haven't been blonde in 12 years and he'd never seen me but with mousey brown hair. He now thinks I'm hotter then before! :)

Told my sister it's time to move on soon.

Spent wonderful, fantastic time with my husband!

Read The Bonesetters Daughter and Frindle and currently reading Vanishing Act.

I'm sure there is more, but you all must be bored!

Until next time....



Sounds like a busy productive time. LOVE the blond, you hot mama!

Keep smilin!

wow hot momma! You've been busy! I love your back yard!! From this desert girl, your trees look so absolutely wonderful!! ugh...can I come! :)

I love the barnyard theme. It brings back the simple life in this hectic world. Jennifer will love it.

Also, you've inspired me, I'm going to put Crest strips on my teeth, right now! :)

That is a perfect hair color! Very soft and flattering. Your teeth look great too!

You are hot! The hair looks great. So does the yard. You've been working hard this summer.

Crikey you have been busy!!
Ilove you hair it looks great.

Tell me what you used on your teeth,I haven't used a bleaching strip or kit before I would love to know what actually works before I do buy one!

Elisa...I used Rembrant, it has worked the best so far. I'll have to do a finished picture when I'm done.

You look awesome! ... and well... so does your yard! You did a great job with the flowers! I can't wait to see everything in person!

Ok, I got my door hanger from winners, they have a house decor part of the conmpany this is called homesense.

Not sure if you have winners/homesense in the US?

The yard rocks...and the hair? Bestill my heart, Blondie! Lookin' great.

Sounds like a lot of positive changes. Good for you. Gawd, I gotta do my teeth too. My Gillian gives me the hardest time about my teeth not being white. Kids!

P.S. Love the hair color. :)