11 June 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007 - 11 comments


Well I'm back from the reality of our busy life and I am so sorry for the long week with not tooo many posts, but shit it's been crazy here. As you all know, school is done and I literally am still trying to catch my breath. The last week of school was full of fun.

Monday we played hookie and took Jake and a friend to Great America for the day, the best part was that it was a surprise, they were shocked when we woke them up very late for school. I think that was the best part of last week!!

Tuesday was pool day for the sixth grade classes. So off we walked to the local college and swam like fools! Tuesday was also the start of the transformation of the school cafeteria, it turned into a tropical oasis for the 6th grade dance. Unfortunately there were only 5 people that helped do a job of 20! We got it done, but it was exhausting!

Wednesday was of course graduation, the dance and the final details to the dance. Also throw in there, getting my son to his step sisters HS graduation, getting to Costco for the party and of course getting dressed for the night! Whew!

Thursday was the last day of school which was all softball and then the rest of the day at the beach. FUN!

Friday I could barely pull myself out of bed! But I had to work.

Needless to say we are onto summer AND we now have house mates. Yeah that's what I said. Not by choice, but for family. My sister and her son moved in for the summer or until they get back on their feet. I haven't had room mates for 10 years! I'm not sure this is going to go over too smoothly, but I'm willing to drink more, um I mean meditate. I do know that I will be going to the gym as much as possible. (Hi Mom! I know you are reading this and wondering if I'm being mean, but this is my diary of sorts and I can say what I want. I LOVE YOU AND my sister too!)

Day one has passed and I've lost all privacy, I've kinda become a live in babysitter, and my food isn't good enough and being a short order cook is what is to be expected. UM NOT! I'm not complaining, am I? Okay, well just a tad. It's just that my sis and I are total opposites and live life VERRRRRYYYYY differently. Very! My sweet husband is offering me much advice and trying very hard to talk me through this, this was his idea in the first place, so yeah he'd better keep the wine, I mean meditation tapes coming! There is one very bright spot in all of this, my nephew. He is such a sweetheart and is SOOOOOOOO excited for a roommate, Jake. He needs this right now and I CAN OFFER him this. He may not like my cooking, but he does like the fact that he's here.

More to come on this subject! Does anyone have any advice for living with siblings again, now that you're both adults and are complete polar opposites!?? Any advice is helpful!


Sounds like a full house! Good luck and keep the wine...umm..meditation flowing.

Keep smilin!

Believe it or not...you can have fun with this...

Uh, all I can say is good luck with that! :0)

Well. Knowing you, you will make the most of the situation! You have such a good spirit! I'll be thinking of you... and hey, I'll take pancakes for breakfast!! :)

Meditaion is good!

Hmm..You don't have a choice, you love her, she's your sister, she needs you, she would do it for you if the tables were turned, yada yada..I have a baby sister too.

Living with your sister...ok rather you than me!

.....My darling daughter....I love you and your sister so very much....remember when you then Jake and then Chad came and lived with us for that magical year?? It was one of the best, top ten years of my life....hope this loving thing that you are doing turns out just as positive for you and your family....xoxoxo

How selfless of you! I don't have any wisdom to offer here..you are brave...:)

As much as I love my sister, it can be hard to simply vacation together, let alone room together after so many years! I feel for you. You and your husband are doing a good thing for her though, and I hope she lets you know that she appreciates your generosity.

Hang in there!

Umn, wine and more wine?!? Good luck!! Sorry I can't be more helpful but we moved 3000 miles away from our families...that tells you something...

Ohhhh I don't envy you girl. All I can say is set some ground rules, and dole out responsibilities. That way everyone can get along.

I'll think good thoughts as I share a glass with you remotely.