01 May 2007

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What's happening in the adoption.

It's funny now how much life has changed in the last 18 months. I remember when I couldn't walk into a room and have someone ask me all about our adoption. Where are you adopting from? What's her name going to be? Why China? Have you picked out a nursery theme? Are you going to have a shower? Blah, Blah, Blah.

Then the questions started to be different. When is that baby coming? How much longer? When do you go get your baby? Are you still adopting? Aren't you supposed to have a baby? Why is it taking so long? Did you leave your baby at home?

To the now silence.

Utter silence.

NO one asks anymore. There is actually this sense of despair in the room. I've become like this questionable thing. Like a person who just lost a loved one from a terrible disease and no one knows what to say. So they say nothing.

If something is said it is mostly about the weather, my weight loss, or just the color of the sky. The conversations are short and quickly ended on their part, "Uh gotta run, see you around."

Most of the time I don't mind. It is so hard to explain and when I do, I get Anjolina or Madonna thrown in my face. Yeah um folks, they waited too. When I tell them that EVERYONE has to go through the same hoops, they kinda look at me like I'm on another planet. What ever.

So on this day of happy day's when referrals are arriving to the forever families who logged in to China in late October and November 1, 2005, I am sooo happy and overjoyed. I know my day will come. It may not be until I'm 90, but it will happen. When God wants it to happen. So this is where we are at:

The wait from LID (log in date) is at approx. 18 months.
We have waited 13 months.
The CCAA (China Center of Adoption Affairs) is taking approx. 2 months to get through one month of dossiers (our paperwork) and match that paperwork with babies.
With that in mind we are looking at a referral in the next 8 to 10 months, January or February of 2008.

So for now this is where we are in China. See all those piles? We are in there somewhere...literally!


One of these days, one of these days...

I am so sorry the wait has gotten so long. I found you over on the Madden's blog. Our daughter and JiaLi were in the same SWI and we all travelled together. I wish you peace in the wait : )

It is sucky! I too am not really into talking about it. Painful at times. But I take comfort that it will happen...one day...

Keep smilin!

Hey! I'm sorry I forgot in the craze of the week to say happy 13 months behind you.... Sorry friend. You know I MEANT to say it! :)

We are thinking of you!! We hope it happens sooner than later...

All I can say is...I know. We get the same thing now too. It's ok. Your day will come and so will ours!

At least we aren't alone as we wait. That would be unbearable!

I am glad the questions have stopped. Now I occasionally get, "have you heard anything?" That is so much easier than when do you get your baby.

She will come...

I am happier with the silence right now.

Can I just copy what you just wrote and put it on my blog? It would save me a lot of time and answer a lot of questions. :-)

Just wanted to reply to your question...When we finally received our referral, all the kids were in school and for the amount of time in China, it was too much to try to figure out sitters. It came down to one of us going and yes, the diabetes was the reason that I did not go. We are thinking about adopting again and the kids keep saying it's my turn...not sure what we will do. I tend to get low easily and my husband was too nervous and ended up going instead. I was going crazy at home. We initially were hoping for a summer referral so we could both go but didn't happen.

I so know what you mean about the silence...

Sorry it's taking so long! Hang in there, once you get her in your arms, it will all fade away. Every day, you're a day closer.
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Do you want to talk about the adoption or do you just want to talk? I'm not good at baby stuff, but I can talk the hell out of other topics. It's been a long time and it could be fun to talk about everything else in our two worlds. Give me a call if you want to fill some time. As always, I wish for you and your family inner peace and and serentiy during your long wait.

yep I so know what you mean...but your day will come..it will happen.

It just sucks. I don't even know what else to say...

Thanks for visiting my blog and little garden spot. I am at the point that I just don't tell new people about the adoption, since I don't feel like explaining the whole thing over again. All we can do is wait, but unless you know how adoption works it is kind of hard to explain.