22 May 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 - 8 comments

Oh the pleasure!!

I was starting to feel a little guilty this morning, but then I said screw that! Do what you want and I did! I went for a 6 mile walk/run at the beach because I COULD NOT BE INSIDE today! It is supposed to be 80 today and the fog is FAR FAR away from here, so I could not resist! Damn it felt sooo good! I then came home and have been laying out in my bra and undies on the hammock! I'm supposed to be ironing today!!! HA! I don't give a crap! It feels good to go off the path sometimes! But yes the ironing calls, so I'm thinking, 2 shirts, 30 minutes of tan time. Sound about right?

Oh and to make the day perfect....we're off to the yard tonight!



Sounds like a heavenly day! Enjoy the game tonight. I can't wait to read about it.

6 miles!? I new I was a lazy slob...

You go girl!!! Have fun at the yard.

I would loooooove to get together when we come up that way.Do you live very close to Big Sur? If yes, luckeeeee! We are coming the weekend after July Fourth. The 6-9. My sister is coming too(Smith Family Adventures). Also, Stacey from Teague Family Adventures said she wanted to get together too. It will be a "Blog-a-palooza!" I can't wait.

Iron like I do, throw them back in the dryer a little longer with a damp towel. :)

I saw Steph's pictures of your time last night! Looks like lots of fun!

What rumors?

Iron? Nahhh....it'll keep.

6 miles...your good!
As for the ironing, save it for a rainy day!

You are wild woman!