19 April 2007

Thursday, April 19, 2007 - 7 comments

Thankful Thursday

I've never done a Thankful Thursday post, so here goes...

I am thankful for soooo much right now, SO MUCH!!

My wonderful husband who supports the heck out of me and works so hard so that I can continue to pretty much stay home. He never complains. I left a very good paying job almost four years ago and we've struggled ever since. Again, he never complains, only supports.

My Molly's veterinarian. Molly is doing so good!!!! She is in remission and LOVING LIFE!! Big Sur was a healing time for her.

My parents. My step dad just had angioplasty last week and he is doing FANTASTIC!!! I love him so much and am glad he is healthy enough to be in my life. My mom. She is just a rock in my life. The older I get, the more I can relate to her as a friend. She is my inspiration. My dad. He just is. I love him. Last night we talked for over 90 minutes. Just talked! it was supppppper nice.

My friends. They are wonderful additions in my life. I could not have asked for better friends.

My son. He is the only thing that gets me through dark spots. He makes me laugh, cry and laugh some more. For my birthday he gave me the simplest gift. A nap. AHHHHH! He also sang me a song that he made up on the spot, we were all in stiches laughing sooo hard!

I am also thankful for the life God has given me...I am truly blessed!


You are one blessed gal! What a wonderful family you have!

A lot to be thankful for!!!

Keep smilin!

..and I am blessed to have you as a bloggy friend! :)

God is so good.

You are very blessed! It is very important to remember to be thankful and never take anyone or anything for granted. I loved your post!

I love your Thankful Thursday post! You have much to be grateful for.

Love this post! Hey we used Children's Hope for our Adoption too:)