04 April 2007

Wednesday, April 04, 2007 - 14 comments

12 Years ago today...

I went to the hospital to have a baby.

6:30 AM

April 5, 1995

I was hooked up to Pitocin and nothing happened.

By that night there was NO baby in sight.


And let me sleep tonight!!

The docs said okay, that baby ain't coming tonight!

What a nice feeling I had when they turned out the lights.

The new day dawned!

TODAY"S the day I thought!

April 6, 1995

The day passed painfully.

No baby in sight.

I wanted to be done.

I was at the end of my rope!

The doctors did say "hang in there my girl, it's a coming soon!"

"Soon???" "It's been a long time!"

"Maybe tonight!"

The night did fall.

No baby at all.

Morning rose again.


April 7th, 1995

FINALLY I reached the spot..."Your at 10!!! Let's push!!!"

OH MY GOD! It's time to bear down and it's early morn!

Push push push was all that was heard.

FOR HOURS!!!!! Try I did....

UNTIL I could go no more.

Something hurt.

The midwife said "It's okay you can do it....3 more hours of pushing!!!!"

(I can't tell you what I said...this is a family blog!)

She left and never came back.

A doctor came in and said "oh no this baby is HUGE!!!"

"I told you!" I said!!!!!

Wheeled away I was.....

To the cold room.

Where at 11:39am.

He was finally born!

All 9 pounds 13 3/4 ounces of him!


That boy wanted food right away!

He'd taken care of me the whole time in the womb, making sure my blood sugar was doing fine.

His grandma gave him is first 2 ounces.

From a bottle.

My boobs said "No we can't feed him fast enough".

I brought him home, all 11+ pounds of him.

Just me and my son.

He became my passion.

He has changed my life.

He has helped me understand who I am.

And Saturday April 7th, he will be 12.

Almost a man.

He now stands as tall as me.

He makes me proud everyday.

Today could have been the day, so could have tomorrow. But no, you wanted the seventh.

We will start to celebrate your day today and make it special until the day you were born.


Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

From a fellow Aries to another, have a super day!

Keep smilin!

Happy Birthday Jake!! I love the pictures! Hope your day is extra special!!

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

Have a wonderful Birthday Jake!!!! :) You are one awesome kid...and you have one great Mom!

How cute is that!

Happy birthday Jake :0)

(PS: Just so people aren't terrified and think us all cruel, this gal would never have someone pushing over 3 hours!)

Happy birthday, Jake! Be nice to your mom. It sounds like she went through a lot to see your face for the first time! ;-)

I love how your pups jaws are resting on his shoulder...how sweet is that?

Happy birthday!!! My first ever nephew is 13 today!! A very special day in our world and yours!!! What a handsome guy.

Happy birthday!!! My first ever nephew is 13 today!! A very special day in our world and yours!!! What a handsome guy.

Happy birthday!!! My first ever nephew is 13 today!! A very special day in our world and yours!!! What a handsome guy.

I can tell by the way your mom describes you that you are the best son a mother could have & your sister will be blessed to have you as a big brother. Happy Birthday!

What a wonderful story. I really enjoyed reading it. Happy bday to your little man.

Wow--while blogging I came across your blog through a friend's site. I had a similar experience 11 years ago--March 26th. I was brought in a week earlier on Monday--induced and nothing, next day had some contractions and stayed over night--nothing, next day, home for the weekend, then went in a week later and my son came by C-section--I wasn't dilating. We adopted through CHI 1 1/2 years ago and know the frustration of waiting!! You are in our thoughts. (By the way I noticed an interest is Type 1 diabetes--I have been type 1 since 4 years old.)

That was beautiful. sniff ...