29 March 2007

Thursday, March 29, 2007 - 8 comments

Chinese food anyone?

So tonight was our LID aniversary and we always eat Chinese food on that night. We usually go out to our favorite resturant or they bring it to us, but for the sake of saving money I decided to make it last night. From scratch. When I've made Chinese food in the past, it's been out of a box or a bag from Traders. Needless to say we will go back to the Traders meals or calling in our order to Golden China.

PS - In the year of our wait we have spent close to $650 dollars at Golden China! Shit! That's enough to buy 1000 squeeky shoes in China!


You inspired me to have chinese on our LID-iversary. But I bought most the items at the Costco. Very good! Not going to start stir frying tht night.

Keep smilin!

Hee hee! It's just like you said! :) It looks like all the "sticky" stayed in the pan!

I love that tradition! Great idea.

Good for you! I haven't gotten past my Chinese cookbook yet. Darn carry-out is far too close...and too good ;0)

Well at least you tried :) Happy Lid anniversary....now we should see our little girls in at LEAST 8 months right??


Oh my gosh! I don't know what it is, but I've been addicted to Chinese stirfry lately! I've also been liking it spicier and spicier! Maybe Lauren's going to be from Hunan! :)

What a great way to mark your LID! The food looks fantastic!

Oh those squeaky shoes... I have 2 pair for Shauna that were bought back for me... I think I am going to 'scream' after hearing those things squeak to long.... hahaha