18 January 2007

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One of the many things I can not wait to do once our daughter is home, is play.  Just plain go at it play!  I grew up on a mountian top (Mt. Baldy) and we had no TV, no nothing but records, and the beautiful outdoors.  We also had this glass room where in the summer I would play for HOURS!  I loved that room. 

With Jacob, he wants to play cars or legos, which of course I love too, but it's not girl play.  Girl play to me is dress up, pretend cooking, making mud pies, playing with dolls, tea parties, etc...  So when we started our adoption I started a dress up box.  A box or trunk when I can find a cool one, full of frills, feathers, beads, pearls, tiaras, highheals, hats, and lots of fabric.  Imaginary play is soo fun!  I can't wait to see Jennifers ideas come out of her head into play. 

Today while doing my morning blog reads, I found a picture on chookooloonks site.

And now! I CAN NOT WAIT TO MAKE FLOWER SOUP!!!1168791807

What are some of the memories from your youth that you love to remember?

What can you not wait to do with your child?