29 January 2007

Monday, January 29, 2007 - 3 comments

Domestic Goddess?

Being a domestic goddess is HARD!!! I've been trying to do this part time for the last 4 years and I've been somewhat successfull, but now I'm starting to become a full time goddess. HOW THE HELL DO YOU FILL YOUR DAYS?????!!!!!!?????

Four years ago I left the corporate world to be a better mom; translation = to be home when school is out, to make sure my kids are in good hands, (mine) and to be a part time domestic goddess. I started my own cleaning business, which has become quite successful, but I'm done with it. I don't even clean my own house now. That is NOT me! So the cleaning business is slowly winding down, THANK GOD! I started another business, because I still need cash... Do go and buy some art or greeting cards at Red Thread Fine Arts. Click the banner on the right over there.....

BUT on the days that I'm home by myself, I feel like I can't get anything done. I'm not sure I like being an adult. I do like being a domestic goddess, but the adult part sucks. I'd rather stay online and play all day then iron, which by the way how do you do that?? I HATE laundry with a passion!! I do it CONSTANTLY!! I've already decided that when Jenny comes home she will only wear her clothes once and I will just throw them away instead of doing MORE laundry. I hope you know I'm joking!!! But seriously people, how do you do it?? Give me advice on how to run a proper home, well one that is under major construction, but still a home.

What tips do you all have for me??


Kayce, in the same boat here! I think the one thing that totally helps me is having a schedule of getting things done. Not set in stone, but kinda a loose home keeping kinda thing. Like on Mon, weds and fri, I mop the kitchen. On Monday, is sheets day etc. I also make up menus for the week, and that totally helps too. As for laundry, there is NO WAY I could only do it once a week. So I do a load or 2 a day and do my best to stay on top of it. THis has been a new thing for me too- so I would love more advice!! : )

Girl, you are on a roll with the new blog looks! :-) I like this banner a lot! I wish I had advice for you regarding the domestic thing... but I think we are WAY too much alike for me to give advice! :-)

I have the same issue...definitely...I also move so dang much, it makes me not want to put any effort into decorating etc...I just long to setlle somewhere, anywhere and have our own house again!

Anyway, somebody told me to check out http://www.flylady.com - now I haven't had a chance to go through it yet, but the person who told me said it is really helping her and her husband...

hmmm...what is a husband again?? Can someone remind me?? (sigh)

Anyway, maybe it will help you, check it out!