05 June 2012

Tuesday, June 05, 2012 - 4 comments

The inevitable finally happened.

Oh Jacob...you got your license today!  I knew it would finally come and today, June 5, 2012 at 1:38pm it did.  When I woke up this morning I must tell you that I did cry a little bit and I did again a few times throughout the day...I knew you'd pass and I know what's next...complete independence.   My time to take you to school and pick you up ended today.  It's been a sweet ride and one I'd never go back to change.   So yes today was bittersweet.

Funny thing though, as soon as I saw you give me the thumbs up from across the parking lot at the DMV, I felt a big tug on my heart and I just let go.  I have to trust that all will be okay and let you fly on you're own because you can't have me driving you around forever!!  :)  Yes, I will worry for a bit and yes you will need to let me know when you get to your destination for the next few weeks or months but I promise it will help me to accept letting go.  Give me time just like you gave yourself time to get your license.  I'll always be your worrywart mom but I promise I'll chill out....soon.

So go forward my son.  Grab hold of that excitement that comes with the words, "congratulations, you passed your driving test!"  and enjoy the ride.  Life is about to take on a new hue for you yet again, but this time it's at a whole new level.  The time that you took to get your license, you've matured enough to understand the reality of it and that will make this a great adventure and that will be such an amazing thing to watch unfold!  That maturity obviously showed when the DMV employee told you that you were an excellent driver and you only missed one thing...too wide of a turn.  You've got this!  I'm so happy for you.

Now go forth, be smart and don't be reckless!!!!  Congratulations my driver!!!

I love you more than all the wide left turns in the world!


Wow, congratulations J. Huge! So, where will you drive today? :-)

Congratulations J. A big moment. But remember your Mom worries because she loves you a whole lot :)

Love you Jacob!!! Your great-grandpa would say, "Put your shoes on when you drive!"


YEA.... great job Jacob....and as for you Mom.. well the worry will never go away.... I worry about my 22 year old.. Love you Sister and miss you TONS..