25 January 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - 6 comments


Each morning I open my eyes to the deep darkness that shrouds the world outside my window and as my eyes flutter back and forth between awareness and slumber, I pray for the day ahead.  I find myself dozing again as I utter a prayer for my family then am brought back to the new day ahead of me and I jump out of bed and begin what God has already planned for me.

Once I get the guys off to school and work I find myself once again sitting in the quiet of the morning and am surrounded by the darkness outside.  With bible in hand I begin my morning until a small voice beckons me from upstairs...."mommmmmmy I need you".   While I may not have been able to finish a single verse some mornings, I close the book and eagerly run upstairs to my waiting bit of sunshine who's burried under the covers of my bed.  My daughter sleepily looks at me and says, "it's a new day mommy!" and I crawl back under the covers with her and we wait.

We wait in the fading darkness and watch the colors outside emerge in the sky.  These moments are always full of the same questions...Where is the purple?  Where is the pink?  Why hasn't the orange and yellow come out yet.  And I reply..."just wait my sweet."  So we wait.  We snuggle.  We talk about the day ahead.  We close our eyes and open them a few minutes later to see how the sky has changed.  The blackness is suddenly replaced with dark blues and the beginnings of purples.  The trees are turning green and we see the beginnings of life awakening in them.  We laugh at the things we find silly and pull the covers over our heads to bring back the darkness and then throw them back to see what changes have happened in the lightening sky outside.  There's the beginnings of pink and yellow now.  There is always awe in her face.  "Where'd the moon go mommy?", she asks and I reply, "to China and they are sending us the sun right now."

Finally we see the deep color of yellow flittering through the tree tops and jump out of bed to not only begin our day but to watch the finale of the sunrise downstair where we have a better view of what's being written in the sky.  The sky is now that baby pale blue...the blue of a new day...one of sunshine with no grey rain....one of freshness.  Looking out the window at the bottom of the stairs we see the glow of the sun rising over the hill and the white or sometimes vibrant pink or orange trails from planes flying above.  There's always the comment, "God is writing in the sky mommy!!"   Yes darling He is.  We watch quietly for a few moments until the sky is full of the sun and just gaze outside the window...she full of wonder and me full of prayers of thanks for His beauty and the blessings He's bestowed upon me.


Wow!! What an amazing way to start your days! I love hearing how you talk about the changing colours in the sky!

We don't have the sunrise to view but we too enjoy a quiet time together each morning. Well...quiet until the giggling begins! Oh how thankful I am for these moments! I've moved my start time at work back an hour and it's perfect!!! We have quality time together before anything interrupts us. Precious moments for sure!

You've encouraged me to look outside more with Hannah and enjoy the day as it wakens before us!

(It's fun to hear that you talk about the moon going to China too. That's exactly what we do! :o)

Oh My! This made me tear. You are such an amazing writer. Reading this is was as if I was in the room with you. I LOVE that.

..."to China and they are sending us the sun right now."
Love, Love, LOVE this line! LOVE IT!!!

Shedding a few tears over this post. I so understand. My Zach has been on his own for 2 years now 10 hours away in college.
Hold onto that string as long as you can my friend. When you have to let go, it will break your heart.

What a beautiful way to start your day! Memories I'm sure Jennifer will cherish when she is older. :)

Oh, you describe it so well and beautifully. And I will not ever let go of that last piece of string either. Right there with you!

Erika B

You have such a gift with writing. Beautiful. I totally felt in that moment and saw the sunrise, too.

I have missed your blog and wish there were more hours in a day so I could catch up with my friends more often.