16 March 2011

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Black and White Wednesday - Zero to meltdown in two seconds!

This is our current state of mind here....TWO!  Although we have 31 days until we can offically say we have a two year old, it seems as though our little cricket has decided to get started early on this wonderfully challenging age.  Of course I'm hanging my head thinking of all the times I've said that the two's aren't that bad!  HA!  It's the threes that are scary I used to think.  But that was Big J who was a challenge at three and with little Miss we are about three feet deep in the, "I'm going to push each and every button and make you wish you could run away!" stage.

Just about anything that pertains to her is met with a quick, "I can do it!" followed by a quick "NO!" when we try to assist.  Once she's accomplished her goal she moves onto the next thing she can get into even if it's off limits or unattainable.  I am constantly trying to keep her busy with activities so that she feels she's got some sort of job to do...."take this to the trash", "push in the chairs from dinner", "help mommy unload the dishwasher or do laundry".  She thrives with "jobs" and melts down with mundane activities.   The difference at this age between Big J and the cricket is like night and day!  Big J could sit and enjoy some toys or legos for what seemed like hours...not so much with this little firecracker!
Happy as can be!
This stage in one's life is SO much fun but a HUGE challenge for the one who is actually in charge.  I am constantly reminding myself that I am the one who makes the rules and I am the one who enforces those rules.  But there are moments like the one I captured below that not only make me want to pull my hair out but make me turn away in an absolute fit giggles!

I REALLLLY want to sit in this bucket, "help me momma!"...
"But sweetie you can't fit in the bucket."
"NO momma I DO, I DO!"
"No you don't honey, let's go find something else to do like put the blocks in the bucket"
Many times lately I've found myself trying to figure new ways of tackling the terribleness joyfulness of this age and often come up empty handed in some situations.  So far I've gotten up from a meal in  a restaurant and left, I've sat down in the middle of a grocery store aisle and laid down the rules, I've stopped all activity and held my gal until she calms down...But sometimes I'm at a loss!  What kinds of tactics do you use to tame your little sweetness and get them back to the reality of who's in charge??
Smile back on the face and moving on to something else to explore and discover!

Ahhhhhh the joys of toddlerhood!  Everyday the cricket seems to be getting more and more intolerant being a baby and wants to only be testing the boundaries and limits of her world. She is a 24 pound powerhouse and will make it well known to all around that she is HERE and ready for a challenge!   I'm loving every minute of it to be honest but oh there are days when I go to bed utterly exhausted and sporting another grey hair!   

Happy Wednesday!  
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Ah the joys :) Hannah's tantrum on Sunday made us the morning's entertainment in the supermarket carpark. Unfortunately once they want their own way I don't think compromise and heading off the meltdown is particularly possible! Small choices worked for us but I did have to make sure that I gave Hannah two choices that I could live with, and not just hope she would pick the one I wanted. And like you with Big J I found 3 much, much worse than 2 :)

I've been there with both kids and unfortunately I don't have any words of wisdom. Just know as soon as it starts it passes. I've found that age 3 is way worse than 2 with mine. Actually....every age has its built in challenges. :-) I'm dealing with a sassy 8 yr old these days. Oh the joys of motherhood....wouldn't switch it for any other job.


Oh my.....it's universal. Each kiddo is so different and yet so much the same. Your little Cricket has more spunk than most and it sounds like you have it all under control. It's true that Motherhood is the best job in the world, the hardest but the most rewarding.

Just keep reapeating "this too shall pass". When it all becomes too much - I try and go to that quiet place in my head. And hope someones not bleeding while I'm peacefully in that space.

Hang in there. (Btw - LOVE your new blog. It's so lovely.)

I am not looking forward to the day when Chloe learns to say no :) Good luck with the trying two's!
The Photo's are wonderful and Cricket is adorable even when melting down.

Get outta my head!! I am smack dab in the middle of this.

I breathe deeply...a lot.

Miss D is very headstrong and wants to be a part of things. We are lucky that she likes to sit and read and I have found her doing that many times. But it ain't easy.

Did I mention the breathing?

Last night, Little D granted Mommy the full bacon experience. On the floor, full sizzling and sputtering and wriggling just like bacon cooking. (That is the term we use). At the restaurant. With my mother. Granted, she had like a 30 minute nap but still. NOT fun. But I kept calm cause once they are flippin' there is no getting thru. "The number you have dialed is temporarily out of service".

Quiet snuggles, hugs and gentle words after explaining how we behave and what is acceptable.

They are no longer little babies but full on toddlers. But we still see them as little babies. It is awesome most days but there are those days that try the patience.

I keep saying that this too shall pass. And I breathe...deeply.

Keep smilin!

I just spent a little time with my nephew who is very close in age - same thing. I just stay out of his way.

I don't have any advise - not sure actually how I survived it. Once day at a time I guess. Plus the cuteness factor does help ease the stress :)

We are so right there with you- I could have written this post. And yes, I sat down in the middle of the girls dept in Target and let her meltdown for 20 minutes because I wouldn't tolerate her hitting me because I would buy a certain wiggles dvd we already have. The nerve of me! I am hoping that because this age is so tough that 3 will be a piece of cake!

Oh those expressions are priceless!!!

Unfortunately I'm no help...as I'm right in the middle of this, as well. My DD, however, is 3. Our 2's went pretty well...but the 2nd she turned 3...look out!

I'm definitely going to buy stock in hair color :) This too shall pass... :)

Age 2 for my oldest and miss Grace was the hardest. 3 was the hardest for Will...and it will pass. Take deep breaths, a mommy time out or too and a glass of wine sure helps in the afternoon! ;)

Some weeks I had to take it one day at a time. I walked out of a grocery store once and left a cart full of food. (someone was having a huge tantrum)

Her expressions are so stinkin' cute!


Please post a list of ideas. Right now Gwyneth is in charge of our house...

Cutest dang meltdown I've ever seen!

I agree..... even in meltdown mode, as CUTE AS CAN BE!! I have one quickly following in her footsteps. Reagan has learned to throw herself on the ground..... sometimes we can't help but laugh at her. We say it is her spicy side coming out.

I seriously think it is the difference between girls and boys. Nick was a just like J...... Sarah was stubborn and always on the move.... and so is Reagan.

Love the new blog~



Love the new blog look.. and love the photos. .
All I know is I love it when they scream cause that means their lungs are working.. Love it..
Have a great week..
Love ya tons..

She is so absolutely adorable. I love these pictures very much. You know why? Because they are real life : )
2's were dreamy for us but the 3's were something else. Hopefully she will get all of this out of her system soon!

I've heard as Terrible as the 2s are, the 3s are unspeakable, that makes me sooooo nervous! They must have a special drama queen class up there in the YY mountains! Caroline is the same way - I am trying to find the humor in it, easier said than done some days (: I need some meltdown pictures, those are too adorable and will be so much fun when they are older!

Oh yes, I rememeber 2... Especially with my oldest. Talk about keeping us on our toes. She will be 8 next week and has turned in to a fine young girl but she still keeps us on our toes.

Erika B

It sounds like you are living with my 'almost' two year old. Just the other day he to tried to sit in his wagon, but couldn't fit because he had too many toys in the bucket as well. He got so mad and then the tears of anger fell.

Z has started with the tantrums a few weeks ago. He falls down on the floor like a rag doll and just cries. For us the ignore route seems the most effective. He doesn't like to be ignored.

Reading your comments has me worried about the 3's. Oh Boy!!

But, in all honesty, I wouldn't change any of it for the world!

Have a wonderful time this weekend!! :o)

hugs-its never easy with any kid- they are all different! AG is always having a melt down- but boy do I love those hugs and kisses I get afterwards!

That "melt down" picture is the BEST!!!! Oh the drama...what's a Mom to do?! It's hard not to laugh (and cry) all at the same time!

I love the new look of your blog, by the way!

It makes for extremely cute photos. It does not last forever...