02 February 2011

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Black and White Wednesday - Celebrating her!

Taking a little pause from my China remembrance posts to share our "Family Day" celebration.  With Monday being the actual day we became a family and it being a busy work day with more than enough going on, we celebrated on Sunday which was actually Monday in China.  :)  We really wanted the day to just be about having fun and letting our little miss enjoy something her size and maybe throw in a good meal somewhere....we did just that!

After a fabulous lunch at the always yummy PFChangs, where we talked about all the excitement and loss from last year.  The cricket sat and watched Mike and I laugh and cry over all the tiny details of that blessed day, even the fact that it was raining Sunday as it was the day we became a family.  Every once in a while miss cricket would look up from her noodles and smile, and once again we'd melt.  With all the loss our girl went through those first days, (and even maybe still) she has come SO far.  SO FAR!!  Far enough to tell us that we'd been sitting too long and it was time to hit the road!

We kept telling her on the way that we had a special surprise for her!  And let me tell you when she walked in that door she looked at us with the biggest smile and then went on her way to play the afternoon away....

Giving her best shot at saving a life!
The ambulance was by far her favorite spot besides the hospital.

She was the painting contractor on a little build that was going on.
And she pretty much was in charge on the job site!
She did a little tractor work.  ;)  Love ya dad!
She got to see what it would feel like to live in a bubble.

She was top surgeon on a full body operation!

Got good and crafty with daddy!

Walking out but wanting so badly to stay.

What a day it was and beyond the perfect way to spend our first Family Day!  We never could have imagined the joy this little child has brought to us...I know I've said that a million times, but it's so very true!
A perfect end to a beautiful day...a year later.  
And she's showing off her fun craft!

Happy Wednesday!  As usual I'm linking up with Lisa's blog for Black and White Wednesday...go enjoy!


Your daughter is soooo adorable! Happy Family Day! Wow - can't believe they had a glue gun out for people to use!

All the pics are very cute...esp the baby she is beautiful!


Kayce what a fun way to celebrate such a special day together! I would love to take our children there - they would love it. Great shots of her enjoying all the things to play with too!!!

What a fun way to celebrate your family day! So much different than one year ago! What a joy filled week you have had!!

Oh, I enjoyed your day so much. Aren't they fabulous places these children's museums. We love them.

Congratulations one your one year Family Day. Your joy and pride in your sweet little one would be hard to hide. And I'm so glad you don't. Thank you for sharing your happiness Kayce!!


You really celebrated perfectly! Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. It's amazing how quickly time goes by.

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Forever Family Day!! what a great way to spend a day together!

Wonderful! Looks like a great celebration!

What a great place to celebrate family time! Looks like everyone had some fun.

Congrats on 1 year with your beautiful girl! What a fun day you all had.


Happy Anniversary. I love the photos from museum - wish we had something like that here!

She is just the cutest. Looks like you all had a great day.

Erika B

What a fun day that was! You captured it beautifully.

I just spent a few minutes scrolling up and down your blog....your Gotcha video brought tears to my eyes..again!

Your family day celebration looked fantastic!

So beautiful. We've had some fun times at that museum as well. My girls especially loved the food/kitchen/store. They were serving up all kinds of interesting dishes.

I cannot wait to get us back to Monterey and Carmel.

such a cutie...:) kids loves to play pretend.

Visit my B&W: Tower Life Building entry as well! Have followed your blog, hope you can follow mine. Thanks!

and, what a beautiful celebrations!

Much love to you!


This post just made me cry and cry. I love that you get to be her parents. I can tell how much you love and adore her. I think your family day was so special and wonderful. Very thankful God has given you the great joy of becoming her parents. What a blessing. Wishing you all the best in the years to come. Love, Becky

What a FUN way to celebrate Family Day!! She is just precious and it is amazing how much she has changed and matured since you met her in China only a year ago. It just blows my mind how they adapt.

Happy Family Day!!



Happy Family Day Kayce!!!