07 February 2011

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2/7/10 - Holding hands and tigers!

Beauty in love
February 7, 2010
There is nothing better than a warm rainy morning with a thunder storm passing by to get the day started.  Today was a day to be indoors and just bond and enjoy each other and that is just what we did, well almost all of us.  While Jacob spent the day with our travel group going on a safari seeing lions, tiger and a panda bear or two, Mike and I spent the day walking all around town holding hands in the rain and taking turns passing our cricket back and forth in the pack.  Pure bliss!  

After a nice morning nap, we went to Starbucks for our first bottle and coffee time together before heading out to explore the outside.  Our first stop was a convention hall across from the hotel that was OVERFLOWING with goods ranging from underwear to dried mushrooms, two floors filled full of Chinese New Year sales.  There were people standing on chairs yelling to no one in particular of what they were selling.  There were stalls over crowded with beds and quilts with money flying all around.  There was music playing in all directions and enough cashmere and leather to fund a small country.  It was beyond overwhelming.  Since we towered over most of the crowd and looked completely lost we soon found ourselves back out in the subway station and headed back up for air.  

Once we caught our breath we headed out for a stroll along the streets and wandered in and out of shops just browsing and soon found ourselves looking down alleyways filled with potted orange trees being prepared to be delivered to business to bring good prosperity for the upcoming New Year.  Among the orange filled trees were small business teeming with activity and yummy smells pouring out.  Once again, I found myself feeling like I was witnessing something secret.  All I wanted to do was find a small hole and hide and just watch this beautiful space move before me.  

Not too long after the rain started to get heavy again and we picked up our pace to get back to the hotel before we were completely soaked.  We weren’t quite ready to head back up to the room yet so we found an outside court yard at the hotel on the forth floor that had a waterfall and several lanai's looking out at a lush garden.  The only thing missing was a warm cup of tea and some sweet cookies!   We just sat back watched the rain fall and enjoyed the moment while reminiscing about what has unfolded in the last week.  

It is amazing to me that it has only been a week since Jennifer was handed to us in a noisy hotel lobby in the middle of China.  For me it has seemed that she has always been in my arms since the day she was born.  There has not been an hour passed in the last seven days that I have not thanked God for this incredible blessing he has put in my arms.  We spend hours together as a family of four in a space no bigger than most homes in this country and we feel so, so honored.  And again so blessed.  Thank you Lord!
As another day begins I woke up to a sweet smiling face looking up at me.  Today we will venture back out into the streets of China for more new adventures and a day filled with fun ahead.  I can’t wait!

Much love and joy!
Mike and Kayce


This day was such a romantic day for me.  It was the first time that Mike and I got to just be by ourselves and enjoy not only each others company but stay warm in that new parent joy we'd found ourselves in.  I'll never forget the feelings of total peace that was surging through me that day.  I loved walking through the streets around our hotel and looking at everything!  I loved holding hands in China with my husband.  I loved talking about the sights we saw.  I only wish I'd taken more pictures that day!!  


The picture of Jacob feeding a baby tiger just blows my mind every time I've seen. What a seriously amazing experience!

I want to go back to China!

Hola, yo y mi hija estuvimos sentadas en esa silla de madera hace 4 años.
Enhorabuena por tu preciosa hija.

It's wonderful to relive this time with you again. I was so busy last year that I couldn't really soak in all you were experiencing. Now, it's a wonderful reminder of how beautiful China is and how much more beautiful it's people.

My, how tiny your Jenny was!!