14 November 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010 - 13 comments

Scripture & A Snapshot {Filling with the Spirit}

Whenever I walk along the beach I am always overcome with the incredible power of the Lord.  My walks are usually a time of reflection and deep thought.  The sea clarifies everything for me and by the time I turn around to head back to where my walk began I feel cleansed.  My soul  overflows with a sense of confidence and new vision...it is always the work of the Lord that fills me with his Spirit which has renewed my resolve with the crash of every wave and the passing of the breeze the drifts by me.

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You have a beautiful spirit, Kayce! I'm so glad that we are sisters in Christ.

I really love this. WHat a wonderful message.

Gorgeous photo and wonderful verse!

That is a lovely combination of word and photo.

Can I go to the beach now??? Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this pic and verse!

What a beautiful picture and scripture to go along with it.

Wow...Such a beautiful photo and scripture and I can hear the waves now!

I have that same feeling with bodies of water, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, streams, and definitely the ocean. I think the ocean's and waterfalls are among God's most serene creations. It's where I feel closest to him atleast.

This is beautiful!

This is absolutely beautiful!! This verse always reminds me of those who refuse to believe in God...they are so willing to trust in the wind that they can't see, but are so stubborn to believe in something else they can't see that's so much greater than the wind!

Beautiful kayce!! Love your faith and how you share it here. Love her little hat on the beach below too. What an beach bunny angel!!!

This photo is gorgeous! And the perfect scripture to go with it.

Gorgeous picture and wonderful verse! I love that verse.