28 February 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010 - 19 comments

Pictures!! Lotsa pictures!

Thank you all so very much for all your wonderful emails, calls, comments and love regarding my last post.   Our cricket is doing better and better each day but the road ahead is a long one, a road that has lots of support along the way and a mommy and daddy who are ready for the challenge with LOTS of love!  The last few nights of sleep have been good and we've gotten several hours of good rest between a few easily calmed wakings.   Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts!  

So, as requested by a few folks...here's your wish of our wish come true!
Narrated by the cricket herself....

Yo ma...leme show you my tongue!

Awww mommy!  You make me laugh!!

Our Monday walk on the beach...sorry no shots of me, the cricket in this one.  ;) 
But I had to share the beauty of the day.

Meeting my doctor for the first time, she's nice and talked a lot to me...So glad my daddy was holdin me!
I'm now a full 14 pounds and an inch shorter than I was in China (??) and my doctor says I'm supper cute and super healthy!  I get a vision test tomorrow and start some blood work next week along with a 
X-ray or two.  My vaccines really hurt but once my mommy held me I felt better but I have to get  more soon she said and I'm not looking forward to that!

Just a bit of drool for ya guys.  But hey I'm cute and still toothless!

Me happy!  Me LOVE dinner!  Me a mess!! 

My mom said she couldn't make this rotate and that she didn't want to take the time to figure it out 
because it would mean that she'd be missing precious seconds of my life so enjoy it sideways! But here's
another one with bad lighting of me doing my ringing noise that I love to do.

Hope you all liked my pictures! My brother comes home today from his dads house and I'm SO excited to see him although my mommy seems to be a bit more excited than any of us. I'm sure you'll be
hearing from her again soon as she is like been crazywriting lately, must be some inspiration she has 
going on in her life. Ummm wonder who that could be?

Lots of love and laughter...the cricket. ;)


LOVE all the photos..
Sounds like things are going well..
Love you all..
Have a great week...

What a sweet girl with the best smiles! So glad you all are moving in the right direction,regardless of the speed. Have a great week with that precious little miracle!

Loved the pictures and video's...she is just too stinkin adorable!!!!

oh Kayce,
I'm SO behind on blog reading lately...but your recent posts have completely tugged at my heartstrings. Your little Cricket is such a beautiful little girl. Her smile just warms my heart! The videos are precious. I'm sorry about the sleepless nights and the dark memories that seem to be creaping in as your daughter sleeps. I will definitely be lifting her up in prayer. It's so rough to see the ones we love in so much pain, and clearly the grieving is hard!

Sending big hugs your way!! <><


Adorable petite pouopée ! c'est un plaisir de l'entendre rire et gazouiller

She is so beautiful!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos.....so looks so cute and happy! Glad to hear night times are better...we're making slow but steady progress too!!!

so cute, I love crickets narrating.

Loved your pictures Cricket!!
Have fun with your big brother, bet he can't wait to see you too!!

Wow, your morning walks are breath taking!! LOVING the pic's of your little cricket...life is good!! :)

She is so precious!! Loved all the adorable pictures.....and the video too!! I bet she cannot wait to see her big brother:)

Have a great week!



She may not have teeth, but look at her hair!!! I'm so jealous..clips and all!!!

Glad to hear you've had some better nights. I think we all hopped off one roller coaster ride (when our "wait" ended) and got right onto another one!!! This one is much funner, but still full of ups and downs.

Love the pics and the videos!

What a total doll she is!

We just got our travel dates and are leaving in 2 weeks. We are excited beyond belief and I have loved reading your story. Thanks for sharing.

Precious! Your face must hurt from smiling all day!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

So sweet! I loved the video. She is super cute and I love the photos. You all are so very blessed with the beautiful little girl.

What fun. Your morning walks must be unbelievable. I am envious Jennifer holds her spoon! G throws hers every time.

LOVE her sweet, sweet smile!!
I am so happy for all of you! What a treasure your cricket is!!!

I am loving the photos... it was so great talking to you the other day... I didn't want to get off the phone... wish I were closer... we got our flights booked today - I now understand what you were going through... hugs to ya...