20 October 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 - 6 comments

Thanks for letting me parent

Being a parent is hard. Real hard. You have to make some pretty tough choices and sometimes do things that you know are hard and your child will not like, but you have to do them. It's hard. Hard because you don't want to shut down the already fragile teen-to-parent communication line, that thin cord that you are holding onto for dear life while your teenager is desperately trying to sever. We as parents are always repairing the "broken connections" in one way or another while our child is searching for other ways to get around and keep us in the dark. We are thankful that in our home the communication line is pretty strong still and open for conversations. But somedays it's still extremely hard.

Over the weekend Big J and some friends went to see a movie, you know the one if you have teens in your house right now...the super scary make you cry because it was so scary movie. The plans were made by the kids, the parents were told what position each was to play, either pick up, drop off, and/or hotel accommodations (that's who's house would be invaded by the kids for the night) and the trust was laid out. We were the pick up/sleepover family. So at 10pm Mike and I head downtown to pick up the said teens only to find two of four. Ummm Not good. Thank goodness the two that were waiting for us included Big J and his bff, the other two kids were no where to be seen. After sitting and hearing all about how horribly scary the movie was and then having to drive around the block waiting for the two "lost" kids we finally got everyone in the car and off we went. It soon became obvious to Mike and I that Big J and his bff were the only ones in the car who knew just how scary the movie was. Here's where the it's hard being a parent comes in.

Obviously those two kids didn't go to the movies like we where all led to believe. Obviously we had to say something. Obviously it makes it hard for your kids to feel they can physically talk about anything around you because they are scared you're going to go and tell on their friends. Obviously parenting is hard. After all was said and done I told both of the boys "thank you for letting us parent and for understanding why AND for making the right choice last night and sticking with the plan". And of course I walked away praying that we didn't sever that communications line too bad.

Raising teens is never boring! Thankfully God gives me the grace to make parenting a little bit easier. Thank goodness!


That is a tough position to be in but you know what you have to do. We had a similar internet "nudish" picture incident with one of the boys friends and we had to call them- hard but needed to be done. His parents appreciated it.

Big hugs-- NEXT!!!!

Christy :)

You really have a great tude and thought process. I really admire you and your parental skills & efforts.

Keep smilin!

Wow Kayce, i'm so glad I came over for this one so I know Im not the only one! haha. Keep up the good work um uh, fight! Its a battle getting them through these years and sometimes it feels easy and then a thing like that comes along and then it comes along again! urg.

Being a parents is the hardest job..
And you make the decisions that you feel are best..
You will have more.. just warning you ...lol.
love ya..

Wow! That's a tough one for sure! When our son was 12, I became a Deputy Sheriff and confrontation suddenly got much easier for me. Still not "easy" but a tad easier.

I feel for ya! That's a hard position to be in and it sounds like you dealt with it perfectly.

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Your right being a parent is the toughest job ever but at the same time the most rewarding. Kayce you an dyour husband did an awsesome job, those kids are very blessed to have you in their corner.

Love and blessings, Kristy