09 August 2009


um 3rd time is a charm?

I hope the paperwork goes quickly and smoothly.


Yes! It better be!!! :o)

You are sooo right..
Hope our 3rd time is a charm...
Guess all went well last night..
Like I told you it would..
Love ya..

Yeesh -- but defitely true. One hundred percent. Because you are so close!!!!

Hope you see a Picture of a sweet Baby soon!

No fourth time for sure - you are very close!

Happy 3WS!
Alyzabeth's Mommy for Ten Months

wow are you close! 3rd time's definitely the charm...yay!

I hope it is so my friend. We are serisously thinking of throwing in the towel.


I hope so!!!! I love this 3 Word Sunday:)

Youve got to be kidding me. And what, you are like 5 days away from having your LID up? This is just a joke and it blows me away that they have never figured out how to make the INS stuff last for longer than 18 months-- just stupid but im 99.9% sure this will be your last time.



The third time IS a charm!!!

Hey! Found your blog through another waiting parent to be... we are LID 3-27-06 and are also Springer Spaniel lovers!!! Right now we have a rescued black and white field springer who goes by the name Maggie Mae!

Stop by our blog- I've got a video up of our darling furbaby!


I BET THIS IS IT!!! I cant wait to see you with your little Jennifer
in your arms!! You are so close!!
Thanks for stopping by to say hi!



Yep, 3rd time was our charm!! You're close!!! :)