11 April 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009 - 17 comments

Catching up

It's been a bit of a ride around here lately... I'll break it down bullet style...

* Last Friday was the beginning of birthday celebrating...3 teenage boys, lots and lots of junk food, Guitar Her0 rock band, a movie, and a trampoline. Good times!

* Monday I had the prevledge of taking in the 80+ degree weather with some friends! I took the day off work and completely enjoyed myself to the point of starting on the summer tan! LOVE IT!! It was wonderful to spend time with some super cute little fishes and with some great women! Thank you Michelle and M3 for a great day!

Michelle surprised the heck out of me with the most wonderful of gifts...She is just the best! If you haven't checked out her crafting site, you must leave here immediately and stop by there...

* Tuesday was Big J's birthday. I was working at school that morning and got to hear everyone wishing him a happy happy day. It was wonderful! I bought him lunch that day from C.arl Junior which is by far a huge treat here. He was a happy boy. That night we had a great dinner at Big J's favorite pizza place with all of his family surrounding him. I always love when we are able to get together with his dad and that side of the family and with my and Mikes side. Big J loves that! He said to say thank you for all the birthday wishes.

* Wednesday I worked a full day at school to make up for taking Monday off. Not a lot of work was being had since everyone is on lay off notice and spring break was nearing the horizon. Needless to say it was a busy day of nothing.

* Thursday was completely absurd but good! I started my day at 4am which I thought was going to be tough but it was actually nice. The quite at that time of the morning is beautiful. Anyway, by 4:45 I was at my friends house to watch her girls because she and her husband had places to be by 7am in the bay area. The best part was watching the bay come to life through their windows overlooking the ocean. I had to get the kids up and dressed and off to school by 7:30 then off to another house to clean. UGH! By 2pm I was home and ready for bed. Thank goodness Big J was at his dads. Oh and to add to the craziness of the day...someone cut the fiber optics for phone, internet and cell phones in the bay area. It was a day with NO communications!

* Friday! Yeah!! Two houses to clean today! I'm exhausted!

* Saturday...It's time to clean out anything winter from the trailer and add all things spring and summer! We are getting ready to get out of town for a week to celebrate my birthday, enjoy some downtime and spend time with family and each other! I can not wait!

* Sunday we will be celebrating Easter and birthdays with my family. And I think it's safe to say that this will be the last Easter without Baby J! The excitement is building!


Happy Easter, Kayce! Sounds like a FULL but good week. (And by the way, I own that same shirt.)

It all sounds exciting and exhausting all at the same time. Have a good bday week and enjoy working on a good summer tan.

Wow are you busy woman!!! I am exhausted just reading it. The bay coming alive in front of your eyes does sound amazing but tempered with the fact that you had to wake up at 4am just would kill it for me-- not a morning person--uggg!!

Cute Jenny things and happy bday to your little man. That is just really cool that you had all his pals over for a guitar hero fest--too fun.

Enjoy your Easter!


Christy :)

Hey friend! Happy Easter


Happy Easter!! I came over also to ask where is Lea's blog!?!? Am I out of tjhe loop or did something happen. I can't get back to her. Tell her I am trying for me if you can.

Cool stuff in those pics missy!

A Happy Easter weekend to you and all your family. I'm so happy for you all that it finally looks like your wait is drawing to a close.

I bet you are getting excited you will see her beautiful face really soon and I hope this is the last holiday you spend apart. Have a great Easter and b-day

I hope that you have a wonderful Easter and a Happy Birthday!

You are very welcome for the gifts. I do so enjoy making them.

I got my Easter card when I came home. Thank you!

Happy Easter and happy birthday! I hope it is a wonderful day.

Whew, you've had a busy week.

Those are beautiful and thoughtful gifts.

Indeed, enjoy this Easter knowing it will be the last without your girl at home!

Happy B-day!

No communications! The thought of that sounds wonderful, but i think living it would be sort of scary. :o)

You sure had a busy week. Hope you can get some rest today ~ before it starts all over again.

Happy Easter!

Love it..
Sounds like the Bday bash was WONDERFUL..
We love some serious Guitar Hero/Rock Band around here.. matter fact.. DH is in there drumming away..lol..
LOVE the braclet..
My two favorite things.. ladybug and dragonfly..
Have a HAPPY EASTER.. and fun on your trip..
Nice talking to you..

Hope you had a great day... hugs to you all...

Kayce Happy Easter!!!!

Hope your Easter was wonderful. I too think it will be your last without Jenny!! :)

Anything you do for this point forward will be the last anything you do without Jenny. Mark my words!

My goodness you are one busy lady. The gifts you posted are just wonderful and I can't wait to check out the craft blog. I have a feeling I'll be making a purchase soon.

Have a great weekend -- kelly :-)