12 January 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009 - 16 comments

Working on it

It seems we are coming to the end of our winter break. Today is the last day of sleeping until our eyes open on their own or until the phone rings and startles us from slumber. Today it was the phone and I was actually happy that it rang because it ment I would not be able to fall back to sleep and that I would get up before 8am. We are ready for the routine to start back and the everyday workings of a scheduled home.

I wish I could say that I accomplished one thing this break from my "get it done before China" list, but I can't. Instead this break I focused on being more of a wife and mother to my family. I spent more time focusing on them than focusing on what will wait until later, because with a quickly growing teenager, my time is running out. Before the break I was looking down the road to what is coming up in our lives and one thing that stands out is that in four years from now our son will be enjoying his last winter break as a high-schooler. Whoa. I was stopped in my tracks. That's not very far off especially when I factored in that we've been waiting almost four years since we started paper chasing for Baby J. Time is moving forward and we are making the most of it, that is for sure!

My sweet, sweet Jacob,

You are the star in my skies that brightens my nights and brings joy to my days. I am enamored by your passion of life and your willingness to be guided by Jesus. Thank you for being my son, for making me proud and for always making me laugh.
I love you more than all the stars in space and beyond.

Love always,

Speaking of time, this weekend we got to spend time with my family to celebrate one of my sister's 50th birthday. We gathered at my parents house for an evening of scrapbooking a memory book of my sister's last 50 years. As we all sat around the tables pouring through 50 years of pictures we shared stories of events like birthdays, Disneyland trips, weddings, ex's, and secrets we've never shared before. By the end we had created a book not only for our sister, daughter, mother and friend, we created another memory to file away in our minds. We also discovered that all of us are secret scrapbookers, yes even the men. By the time the evening was finished we were filled with the joy and wonderment that comes with having a good time and of course thinking of the next time we could have a night like that.

Now that our winter break is closing, I'm hoping I have time to get some things accomplished, like changing the look of the blog! I've been working on it, but only when I make the time and to tell you the truth I haven't been making to much time for the computer lately. Instead I've been enjoying my husband and son, making new memories with good friends and family and best of all dreaming with each other about the year ahead of us. A year of pure delight and most of all joy and wonderment!

Our Jennifer,

You are the sparkle in our eyes as we are waiting in love for your arrival.
I love you more than all the sand in the seas that separate us!



Honestly, I think you are just lovely. Just friggin lovely.

Love to you my friend.


I am totally teary eyed right now. You are such a loving mom-- you are awesome my friend!! I cant wait to see you mother J!!

Christy :)

Such sweet thoughts for your babies.


I think this is one of your most beautiful posts!! You are such a great Mom and Wife...Sounds like your winter break was just perfect!!

Hope you enjoy your week!


I can't believe you are still on Winter break. I'm so jealous! It feels like we have been back forever when it actually has only been a week.

Those two little letters brought a tear to my eye. So sweet.

Ok, I am already planning my next trip to see my sis and we have to get together then. When is your Spring Break?

I received your card today. I cannot say thank you enough. I think the best thing to tell you is that it was absolutely perfect and just what I needed. I have been wishing that God would send me a note or an e-mail to tell me what to do and I think He did....through you.
You turned my day around and helped bring my heart and soul to a much healthier and happier place.

Hope your first day back goes smoothly. Your notes to your children are beautiful: Jacob sounds such a fine young man. May the days fly until your daughter is safe home too.


You dont know me but I hope
you didn't mind me commenting
on your blog. I was over at
Isabella's blog..Kim...Could
you please tell me where you
found that fabric you sent to
her? I just love it to pieces
we are getting our SN Daughter
in the later part of 2009 and
would like to use that fabric
as the backing. Allie DD # 1
has the Michael Miller fabric
China Doll for her's and this
one reminds me of it alot. My
Daughters will be 6 months apart
I've starting looking for fabrics
like this and have no luck!!!!

Best wishes to you & your family
I hope they get through March
in record speed for you!

Many Hugs,

Sindy & Crew

you are such an amazing person and such an amazing mom.

That was beautiful...

What a lovely post! Winter Break is just ending? Wow that was a long break.

I can't wait for those pictures of your sweet Jennifer!

:) Jody

Amazing post..
love it..
You are sooooo loving..
Can't wait to see J in your arms..
Have a great week..


Thank you so much for responding
to me. I thought so much of your
post to your children!

I look forward to your reply!



Awwww...that's beautiful.

I hope the transition back from break is a smooth one.

Thanks so much for the beautiful card. I am so excited about my girl and I appreciate you sharing that excitement.


Beautiful Kayce!!
You are so sweet to invite us to call!! I would love that! We were on a mission and didn't even call John's brother! Terrible but you!!! next time, I hope!

Love to you!!

Happy New Year, Kayce! xo