09 September 2008

Tuesday, September 09, 2008 - 11 comments


Both Mike and I thank each and every one of you for your incredible comments and thoughts regarding my previous post. Yes, I AM living my life's purpose.
God is good...

Some thoughts for us all....

Living life to its fullest, embracing it fully- taking it all in, that IS the miracle. It isn't about doing great things - only about doing small things with great love, as Mother Teresa said- that is where the miracles are...
Kris...your faith reaches me deeply. Thank you!

"maybe your purpose is just simply to still be here because all the people that love you weren't ready to lose you. Maybe the miracle isn't for you...but for them."
Special K...So true. It is "them" that makes life SO wonderful! SO wonderful.

when I wake beside my hubby every morning and hear my girls playing in their room, I smile, I beat the odds and I'll gladly accept my miracle with blessings.
Kerri...I'm so glad you hear those voices every morning! My day always starts with a glance at my husband and after that, my smiles begin for the day.

Live full.
Love completely.

Thank you.


I'm especially thankful....xoxoxo,me

You are a good model for all :)

Christy :)

What wonderful thoughts for us all to follow!


you are AWESOME :O)

Life is truly a gift. We all have so much to be grateful for!

I admire your strength, your outlook on life and the way you inspire so many that come in your path.
For that I thank you.

You are amazing..
Have a Great Week..

I went down and read your post. You have a purpose, there are probably still many things left for you to accomplish.
It was not your time.
You have more to give and more to receive and more lives to impact.
You are not done here.

Just stumbled upon your site and its wonderful! Very inspiring and unique.

U R just lovely!


I'm glad you're enjoying every moment. A true inspiration to us all.