10 June 2008


She is sooooo cute...
LOVE her..
You are lucky on the brown envelope.. We haven't even got one yet..
Hugs girly..

She is adorable. How is she getting on with Ella and vice versa? Hope it is all going well.

She is SO cute!

Definite coincidence...one for the journal!

Keep smilin!

she is beautiful~

Brown envelope? what is that? I must know!!!

Have a good day.


Oh how i love this song!

Dog threads and red threads!! GOD Summit is gorgeous!!

She is really sweet!!!

The past few days it's actually starting to feel like things are happening in the world of adoption again....I think Stephanie has gotten all of the juices flowing for me again. Now you're getting brown envelopes in the mail..referrals are coming in...good times, good times!

She is too cute for words!

Awwwww..what a sweetie. I wish we could take the leap of Faith and get another dog. It's been almost a year since we lost Tess. I still miss her so much. I scour the (dog)adoption sites, but I too have been waiting for a sign and I just haven't seen one yet.

She's a cutie! Congrats Kayce.

Oh Kayce, my heart could just burst with excitement for you!! She is just beautiful!!!
Jack is holding his own today, the pain medication is awesome(not kidding myself or in denial), his appetite is good and we are giving him any little treats his little heart desires.We are doing lots of cuddling and just being together, thanks for all your kindness.