26 June 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008 - ,, 12 comments

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That...

Got some things goin on, so instead of doing 50 different posts, I'll put all in bullet formation for ya...

*So my son just left for LA for almost 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS!!!! This will be the longest he has been apart from me. I'd totally be cool with it if he was with one of my parents, but no he's with exholes parents. Joy fun! (major syrupy sarcasm here) He'll come back beyond spoiled and a little cocky to boot, and it will take me 5 weeks just to get him off the cloud they put him on. Yeah honey money does NOT grow on trees. Okay I'm moving on, no no I'm not bitter. Really!

*I got to spend a wonderful hour or so with Michelle and her husband today. We may not have been able to go camping together, but at least we got to have a cup of coffee and chat. So nice!

*Remember our camping trip to Big Sur that was canceled...yeah I'm not gonna be turned away by some smoke and a little fire. NOPE! I NEED BIG SUR!! SOOOOO the campground we have reservations at is way below the fire and is in no danger, just a little smokey and we have to drive WAAAAYYYY out of the way to get there. SOOOOO we have to drive all the way past Big Sur almost to San Luis Obispo and then cut across back to hwy 1 and drive back up towards Big Sur. Just a little out of the way, but worth every penny in gas we will be paying. EVERY PENNY!

*Oh I forgot to post a picture or two from the Father's Day baseball game I sent my boys on! How about a video instead..

Both Mike and J had a great time. A once in a lifetime experience.

*OMG!!! I was cleaning a house today and low and behold the people forgot to put away their p@rn. WTF!! Hello people you don't just leave that crap lying around. Put it away BEFORE the cleaning lady comes. You know the lady that comes EVERY week, same day, same time. And just for your FYI, it wasn't just the lone dvd, it was a freaking pile! OMG!

*Yesterday we were talking about a trip to the happiest place on earth for the holidays and then my wonderful husband says, "oh wait, we'll probably be in China then." Ummmmm what? Okay, can I have some of those dreams? Do you think that could really happen?? Naw...I think I'll be on "It's A Small World".

*Ella and Summit are the best of friends. It is SO wonderful to see a smile back on Ella's face once again. It's still hard to believe Summit has only been with us for 2 weeks, it seems like she's been a part of our family for ever. Molly would have absolutely loved her. Speaking of Molly, we miss her. A LOT. We were recently told that by getting another dog we are opening ourselves up for the pain of loosing another loved one again. Opening ourselves up willingly. Willingly. But you know what? I can not imagine NOT having Summit in our lives. She is a gift, just like her foster mom said. A gift.

*And finally before I finish packing and hit the highway....we are once again celebrating our LID anniversary....Sunday will mark 27 months of waiting for Baby J. WOW! TWENTY SEVEN months.


Boy, you sound busy. Sorry, but the p**n thing made me laugh :)

Glad Summit and Ella are getting on so well. You're right about the 'willingly opening up to the pain' too - yes the pain hurts, but the joy they bring during their life is worth it every time. How much less life would be without them!

Happy 27th Months - may there be very, very few more to add to the countdown!

Hugs on missing your boy.

Who leaves piles of porn laying around??

Where the is a will, there is a way...you are demonstrating that. Have a great time at Big Sur.

Love the puppy pics and that your heart while still sad is also full of love.

Keep smilin!

I know you are going to miss Jake. Hopefully being able to camp at Big Sur will be a great distraction! I can't believe you still get to go!! WOW! Have a blast!

In regards to that client... SERIOUSLY GROSS & TACKY!

wait a minute. Did you get a another dog? did I miss something?

omg, you ARE getting so, so, close. What is your LID? I couldn't find it.

So nice that you and Michelle got together. I will meet you ladies one day.

Have a good weekend. and enjoy the time as a couple before that baby comes and that teenager is back.


Hi! I too am so glad we got to get together. Still bummed about the camping trip. I wish we were as determined as you guys!! It wasn't meant to be this time I guess. If my sister didn't need a petsitter now I might be tempted to drive the extra way too. Next time. For sure. It was so nice meeting jake. What nice boy he is. Even Joe said so and he does not usually relate that well to the "tweenage" set.
Have a wonerful, safe trip!

Have a great trip! Too funny about the porn....who does that?! I hope you were able to get your work done after discovering it...ha ha!
Sorry about the 3 WEEKS without your baby. I'd die....but since you're stronger than me, you'll make it through.
Happy 27th!!!

I know how to well about missing kids... KyLee has been gone since first of June and will be home July 27... it sucks but what can you do..
Hope you are in china and not in Disneyland..
Have a Great Weekend..

oh man I'm liking your mom :O) but if you're on It's A Small World instead, belt out the tune at the top of your lungs. I'll be doing that next week, east coast style!

Happy 27th!!
Kayce I just love the photo of you, Ella and Summit. I am thrilled Ella is once again a happy girl and she has a great companion.

Happy 27 (early) Be careful with that fire and smoke in big sur.
3 wks is a long time. terri(daisybox)

Hope you are having a good/safe camping trip. They showed film of the fires at Big Sur over here in Europe yesterday: hope you are well away from them!

I'm glad things are going well. So happy the pups are getting along!