27 May 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 - 11 comments

All is well

As we continue to work through our grief, life moves on. All is well here and starting to feel "normal" again although things are so much different life is moving forward.

For family and friends who were wondering if the fire was close to us...yes it was. Thursday morning a fire started in the SC mountains and at the moment is at 80% containment. It was pretty intense and scary for a bit. My parents were put on voluntary evacuation notice, so Thursday was spent packing them, and my sister up and getting stuff to our house for storage. The fire literally looked like it was in their back yard. By Thursday night the school district called off school for Friday and notice was coming in of homes lost. The amount of ash falling from the sky was incredible, even at our house, aprox. 10 miles from the fire. At my parents it looked as though it was snowing. Fires in our area are very scarce and when one starts it is so scary because of all the overgrowth. Thank God there was quick action and the firemen did a fabulous job!! THANK YOU!

All pictures are courtesy of the Santa Cruz Sentinel


I'm glad you guys are all safe. I knew the fire was not at your home but I was wondering if it was near your parents. Glad they are okay!

Be well and stay safe!

Keep smilin!

Kudos to the brave firefighters who put their lives on the line.
Glad everyone was safe..

I'm glad you are feeling slightly better. You were right about your three words. Time WILL heal(although I still miss my Tessie very much). So glad you are not in harm's way due to the fires. Those are scary.
I am counting down the days until Big Sur. Can. Not. Wait!

P.S. I'l try to get the photo album out to you this week. Not having a car stinks.

I'm glad you guys were ok in the fire -- it was a big one. We weren't even that close and were still completely smoked out. My eyes just burned. Yikes.

Glad you came out of the fire ok and I was so sorry to read about your Molly.

Take care.

glad you are ok. Know it is a process to get through!

And, really glad you are safe!


Every time I saw (or smelled) the fire, I thought of you. I'm glad you're okay.



Glad you are starting to feel better.

Even better that the fire is contained. That must be scary!

Just caught up on all your posts....so sorry for you loss and I am so happy you are all ok.
Big hugs....

So glad to know that you and yours are safe.